Poem: "The Wishing Tree"

CC image by Niek Beck via Flickr

The Wishing Tree
By: Eve Estelle

Sitting atop an ordinary hillside,
A single tree stands tall and stately;
Its branches bow from the weight of wishes,
Of which there's been many lately.

On threads of silk, yarn, and rope they hang,
These cards containing dreams;
They dangle in the gentle winds,
And reveal some common themes.

From far and wide these wishes come,
None too big or small;
Through pouring rain or the frigid cold,
Someone's always there;
Made of paper but filled with hope,
These cards are hung with care.


  1. gorgeous, love the peace I feel at your website

    1. Thank you, Mackenzie! I'm so glad you feel peaceful here.

      All the best to you. :)

  2. Love it,it's beautiful....hope you're doing well,bubye :)

    1. Thank you Seema! :) I'm doing well, yes. Hope the same goes for you.

    2. So far so good :) thank you <3


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