Poem: "Listen"

CC image by John O'Nolan via Flickr

By: Eve Estelle

Sit with me, upon the mountain's edge;
Forget your trivial tasks "to-do,"
Reign in your far too busy mind,
And leave, for now, those things behind.
Take in the sights below,
Below these stunning skies;
Listen with your ears,
And listen with your eyes.

As the wind blows the leaves;
To the birds inside the trees.

As the animals roam and the river runs,
And to the rustling plants that bask in the sun.

Golden rays glint off of the lake,
Its surface as still as glass that could break;
Grasses sway in the whispering wind,
And the beauty here you'll never shake.
So finally, now, you've seen the sights..
Listen now, to the mountain heights;

The calming silence, the restful pace;
Relax here, with nature's grace.


  1. Enlightening...beautiful usage of words. :)

    1. Thank you Seema! I really appreciate your frequent commenting!

    2. You're welcome Eve,it's just that i enjoy reading your writing and then i can't help but comment because i want to let you know how much i enjoyed reading...as simple as that....cheers.

  2. That's an awesome poem. While reading it it feels so relaxing and it's like you are far away from this world where all you can do is enjoy :)

    You are an amazing writer Eve. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you so very much, Hp :) Awesome—that's what I was trying to go for! Unfortunately I don't live near a landscape quite like what is described here, but I still find nature so calming and beautiful. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. You're most welcomed Eve :) And it's okay because your poem is so amazing that we could see how much of a nature person you are even though you don't live in a scenery described in your poetry. You are a natural writer and that's what counts! :)


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