Poem: "Stay With Me"

CC image by AlicePopkorn via Flickr

Stay With Me
By: Eve Estelle

I don't want you to be a memory,
I don't want you to fade away;
I want you to be here with me,
Please, can't you come and stay?
I just want life to be the way it was,
Like it was before all of this..

I want to hear your voice,
Hear you sing;
I want to hear you laugh,
To hear that tune play when you ring.

I want to see your face,
See you smile;
I want to travel someplace,
Just to be with you for a while.

Hold your hand, hear you joke
You'd teach me things as you lightly poke,
Playing cards and Mario Kart,
You sure did have a golden heart.

I don't want you to be a memory,
I don't want you to fade away;
I'll never forget the things you've done for me,
I just wish you were here to stay.


  1. Beautiful and well written!

  2. Wow this was seriously beautiful. :)

  3. I will stay,don't you worry...kidding. On a serious note this is most beautiful,i love each line,the sentiment,the picture too is beyond beautiful.Thank you for a beautiful post.

    1. Hah! Thanks Seema, this was another one written with my dad in mind. :) I thought the picture fit well; he was a huge kid at heart, and I just thought the hot air balloon was perfect symbolism for him. Thanks again, as always!

    2. okay,so this is special.The picture does fit well Eve,i wish he's looking at this and proud ofcourse he is,of you,of himself,to have left a mark so deep that it can never be erased from your mind.Be well my dear friend and post more beautiful writings for me.

    3. Thank you. :) I'm glad to hear you think so as well. I'll certainly try my best!

  4. I understand this so well. It really hits home. Beautiful

    1. I wish none of us had to understand this lol. I wish we could just be with those we love and enjoy forever. Thank you, JP! :)


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