Poem: "Voyage of the Damned"

CC image by Ishtaure Dawn via Flickr

Voyage of the Damned
By: Eve Estelle

Dark waters churn, an eerie disturbance —
The air is fraught with a peculiar sense;
A blackened sky looms overhead,
And faintly felt are the hands of the dead.

An empty sea, not a living soul save me —
Yet from my place upon the shore
Echo the sounds of ringing bells;
Haunting are these ghostly chimes,
Accompanied by the creaks of groaning wood;
The sable sea is no friend to vessels —
So is this now where the poor ship dwells?


  1. Gorgeous <3 I especially love the first stanza! You use beautiful imagery.

  2. So beautiful! I really like the imagery you create in your poems :)

    Aeriko @ The Reading Armchair

  3. Ugh I adore your writing, I get this cool Edgar Allan Poe vibe from it <3


    1. Funny that you say that, actually, because I just added that I'm an Edgar Allan Poe fan to my About page the other day. Thank you so much, Noor. Being that he's one of my favorites, that's awesome to hear. I'm really glad you enjoy it! :)


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