The Infinity Dreams Award

Nominated by Faith P.

So, it's nighttime here right now. Every time I write one of these up in the dark hours of the day, I'm always very tempted to say, "Good night, everyone!" But that just doesn't work. I mean, am I greeting you for yet another new post, or bidding you all a goodnight and sweet dreams?

I definitely need to figure out something to use for my nighttime posts. Or just a new greeting in general. Many blogs give fun, relevant nicknames to their readers - perhaps I could start calling you all "Night owls"? (No? Too cheesy? Maybe something more unique and oddballish then. Like.. "Ravendears." Because you're all so dear to me! And, you know, ravens. Gotta add that Poe touch, right?)

...Or I could just steer clear of names for the time being. Let me know what you think, will you? :)

Anyway, on with it, on with it. The fabulous Faith of Stories by Firefly went and nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award, and so I owe her a big thank you! Thanks so much, Faith. I really do appreciate the thought!


  • Use the Infinity Dreams Award picture (I used a different one, but you can find the original image here)
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions
  • Tag 11 bloggers

My Eleven Facts

#1 I love things that have been reversed in size; small versions of large things, large versions of small things.

#2 I've never read some of the most classic and famous books, including Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and several others, despite them being right up my alley. (Needless to say, I hope to change this soon.)

#3  I recently memorized the lyrics to We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel for no reason other than just to do it. (No, I will not sing it for you!)

#4 I can't draw to save my life.

#5 I find it entertaining that, no matter where you go, there will almost always be an argument going on in the comments section of websites.

#6 I'm one of those people who will smack you upside the head, call you an idiot with a smile and have it all mean, "You're the best!"

#7 I laugh at everything. Everything. If you can't get me to laugh at your joke, take it as a sign that somebody up there really doesn't see "comedian" in your near future.

#8 While not impossible, it's a lot more difficult for me to fall asleep without being under a blanket of some sort. I just feel restless.

#9 My favorite planet is Saturn.

#10 It is one of my goals in life to someday see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

#11 I've never gotten my ears (or anything else) pierced.

Faith's Eleven Questions

1. What's your favorite color?


2. Do you like movie soundtracks? 

Yes! Game soundtracks, too. Some really great ones out there.

3. Would you rather run a 5k or do extra chores for two weeks? 

Hm.. Probably run the 5k. Though I might not make it with my low stamina lol.

4. What's your favorite kind of pizza?

Pepperoni and onions! Delicious.

5. Any books with 2016 releases that you're looking forward to? 

It doesn't have a release date set yet, but 2016 was the goal, last I heard, for the 16th book of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. I'm eagerly awaiting that.

6. Favorite school subject? Least favorite?

Hngh. This has changed so many times over the years. I'd say English, but I really dislike some of the main parts of it (grammar and essays are nasty). I love science, but I'm not fond of the math part of it. I've been liking history more lately, though.

I don't know. There are parts to each that I really enjoy, and parts to each that I really, really, just want to avoid like the plague.

7. Favorite classic book?

Refer to Fact #2. :)

(I've probably got one in my head somewhere, but who knows where.)

8. Would you rather walk a ridge-beam or spend 6 hours in total darkness?

Oh. Uh.. Depends, where would I be in total darkness? And how high is the beam? If it's somewhere familiar, I might go with spend 6 hours in total darkness.

9. Do you have a fear of heights?

Yes. Vertigo like craaaaazy!

10. What's your favorite animal? Least favorite?

Can't pick a favorite; way too many! But I hate spiders. Especially when they find their way onto my bed.

11. What's your favorite book of the Bible and why?

I've not read much of the Bible, apologies.. :)


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There's actually 12 people there because I just couldn't pick 11.

Question List

1. Cloudy skies or sunny days?
2. Favorite flavor of coffee and/or tea?
3. You're writing a book. What is the name of your main character?
4. Do you like photography? What do you like to take pictures of?
5. Do you rely more on facts and logic or your intuition?
6. What was the last book or movie that you read/watched?
7. Do you prefer to text or call?
8. If you could add an extra hour to your day or night, which would you choose?
9. Next book on your to-be-read list?
10. What is one line in a song that you love?
11. What is something that makes you smile?

Thank you so much once again to Faith for the tag, and don't feel obligated if you don't participate in tags or you're just not up for this one at the moment!

My posting will be slow for a while, but keep checking back and I'll do my best to get things out whenever possible.

Au revoir! :)


  1. Wow great facts and question answers! I think it's funny how people have a favorite planet. Mine is Pluto by the way. Yes, I still count it as a planet! Lol. I don't usually do these anymore, but thanks for the nomination and I will try to do it if I have time. :D

    1. Thank you, Erin! Yes, it is a bit funny! And no one ever picks planet Earth. I've only heard someone say that was their favorite once or twice. How crazy! lol. Maybe it's one of those "besides the one we're on" things. Pluto is great! I still count it as one, too. But I'm starting to accept the "dwarf planet" title.

      You're welcome, and don't worry about it if you can't find the time!

  2. Thank you for nominating me!! :)

    Heidi Anne<3

  3. I support being a Ravendear! XD Congrats on the award, AWESOME facts of yourself (shame on you for mentioning spiders! Hate those things! XD), and thanks for the nomination! ^o^

    1. Hah! Good to know.. :) Maybe I'll use it once in a while! Thank you and I'm so sorry. ;) Spiders are terrible lol. You're welcome, Quayla!!

  4. About a greeting that you could use... Even though people may or may not be reading this of a night, I think you could still open and/or close the post with "good night". I mean it IS, "Edge of Night". ;) Just an idea.

    I laugh all the time too!!! Like, seriously. And if I'm nervous it's like an awkward, stupid sounding, giggle. xD

    Pepperoni and onion? Never had it. : )

    The ridge-beam is high. Think - the peak of the roof of a house. ;)

    Spiders... *shudder*

    About the last question, no worries. :) Being a PK those sort of questions always find their place in any tags in participate in. ;)

    Thanks for doing this, Eve! I enjoyed reading your answers! :-)

    1. That's definitely true! I just think that'd be a bit confusing, though, you know? For myself as much as for others.. I'd go back through my old posts, see "good night" when it was morning or something, and be like, "Whaaat..?" lol. I might still do it once in a while, because you're right. It does fit.

      The world would be a much more happy place if more people laughed like us, don't you think?! ;) Yes, my nervous laughs are either nervous giggles or full-on laughing fits.

      Omg. I love it. You have to try pep/onions sometime!

      Oh, wow. Still leaning towards darkness then!

      Completely understandable. :) I don't mind questions like that, I just don't have answers for them lol.

      Sure! Thanks so much for the tag, I had fun with it!


    Oh my gosh I laugh at everything too. As in I'll trip and fall flat on my face or get startled when the toast pops up from the toaster and I will not be able to stop laughing. I swear I laugh whenever I get startled it's like a weird reflex.


    I'm looking forward to Valiant Ambition by Nathaniel Philbrick (I might have already told you about this but MY FAVORITE HISTORICAL AUTHOR IS COMING OUT WITH A NEW BOOK ABOUT MY FAVORITE TIME PERIOD AND I JUST.) The history nerd in me can't handle this Eve xD

    Dude my TBR list is legitimately *counts* 34 books. Oops?

    Wow I have too many favorite song lines but my all-time favorite would probably be "You are what you love, not who loves you" from Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy.

    Fantastic post; I loved reading your answers!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. I've almost wanted to get my ears pierced for a while now because there's just so many fun earrings out there! But apparently I haven't wanted it bad enough to actually get it done. I currently wear zero jewelry, so I'm not accustomed to having things dangling off of me.

      YES! LOL. You put that perfectly. During conversations, laughing has actually become my main form of acknowledgement when someone talks. Like the head nod. Not obnoxious laughter, but just little puffs of air or something lol.. Not quite sure how to put that into words.

      Ohh how exciting!! :D I don't believe you've told me about it before. Actually, I think I do remember seeing the name "Nathaniel Philbrick" in one of your posts. Hope it lives up to your expectations!

      Ahh yes. The TBR. I never even bothered to keep track of mine, because I don't read new books that often and yet still add new ones to the list fairly often. I'm pretty sure, if stacked up, my TBR could make it to the moon. I don't even remember half the titles I wanted to read.

      That's a good one! Yeah, that'd be a hard question for me to answer. So many.

      Thank you Ellie! :) Thanks for sharing some answers of your own, too!

    2. Oh, by the way, I was totally going to tag you for this except that I saw you had already done it before. If it turns out you'd like to do it anyway, consider yourself tagged! :)

  6. Hey Eve, congratulations for your award, you clearly deserve it. :D And thanks also for nominating me. You are so sweet. Hahaa you really are not the only person who laughs at everything :P Since when do people have a favorite planet? Ommmg am I the only one who doesn't have one? x)Ahaha ommg I love when you do this awards/tags things because I always enjoy reading your answers. :D I love your posts :)

    1. You're welcome, Heena! :) So I've noticed. ^^ You know what, I always thought that having a favorite planet was as common and normal as having a favorite color, but posting this has made me realize that it might not be as common as I thought! How interesting.

      Thank you for your kind words as always. :) I'm glad you enjoy reading them, because I love to do them!


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