Poem: "Plata Perseverancia / Silver Perseverance" (Spanish & English)

Plata Perseverancia
De: Eve Estelle

El cielo azul brilla con un resplandor de oro.
En días nublados, lo parece oscurecer,
Pero detrás del gris sombrío,
El sol aún quema.

Deja la lluvia vierte, el granizo cae,
Deja trueno chasquear, y relámpago golpea -
La tormenta se despeja finalmente,
Y nosotros persevera.


Silver Perseverance
By: Eve Estelle

The blue sky shines with a golden radiance.
On cloudy days, it appears to dim,
But behind the somber gray,
The sun still burns.

Let the rain pour, the hail fall,
Let thunder crack, and lightning strike -
The storm will clear eventually,
And we will persevere.

Author's note: As I mentioned last time, I'm very new to Spanish and am just having some fun with it. I used my own knowledge as a guide, but I also made heavy use of translators (which are notorious for getting things wrong). So, please pardon any errors - but do feel free to point them out!

Also, I apologize for posting less than usual lately! Thanks so much for your patience! :)


  1. I don't speak Spanish, but it's really pretty in Spanish! :D :D

    1. Isn't it?! Maybe it's just because the words in Spanish don't have as much meaning to us as English words (or any other languages you're familiar with) do, but it seems like no matter what the poem actually says, it always looks pretty in Spanish lol.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous <3 I might do this with Old English - I've been fascinated by the language for some time now and hope to learn it in college.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Oh now that would be so cool! Fantastic idea, Ellie. I love Old English.


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