Poem: "Mockingbird Red"

CC image by Abhijit Chendvankar via Flickr

Mockingbird Red
By: Eve Estelle

Soft, fragrant, carmine petals,
As gentle and sweet as a silken fold;
They lay upon my table still,
A silent warmth to ward my heart;
And a reminder left that has frozen cold -
Thorns prick, and they adorn the rose;
Alluring beauty, but trouble knows,
Red in all of its glory.

Now I listen close, the curtains stir -
A shadow's cast by the window light,
A familiar face I've seen before;
Lift my heart, let that be you,
Lest it break my fragile core.

Euphoric smile, butterflies fly -
Let it be your gorgeous eye;
Careful steps, I hear your voice -
But look behind the curtains stirred,
..And all you'll find is a mockingbird.

Author's note: This poem was written for the weekly Thursday's Poetry Challenge hosted by Allie Taylor over at The Depth of My Faith and was based a on three-word item prompt: Rose, Curtain, Mockingbird. (Totally hit a new record, too, by finishing this within an hour. That's a rarity.)

Thank you, Allie! :)


  1. very beautiful and lovely especially for that prompt..great work Eve :)

    1. Thanks so much, Seema! :) Nice to see you stop by!

  2. Ahhh congrats on first place! THIS POEM IS SO GORGEOUS AGH. The last couple lines are so haunting.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you! ^^ I wish I had devoted a couple more lines to the mockingbird, and maybe some other descriptions, but I'm happy with the result for such a quick write!

  3. I have recently been starting to not enjoy but understand poetry more; your blog is the reason behind this. Thank you for showing a different perceptive of poetry as the stereotype is confusing words with fancy ink!. Focusing on the poem, I bloody well hope you win that challenge as it was such great text. Also "Fragrant" what an interesting word, learned something new today.

    -Marcin (Martin)

    1. Haha, "fragrant" is a great word, isn't it? Fragrantflowers, fragrant candles.. :) It makes me so happy that my blog is helping you understand poetry a little more! That's really nice to hear. Poetry can be super confusing - it's amazing, though, what can be hidden beneath a word.

      Thank you for your kind words, Martin!

  4. Do you think you'll ever publish your poetry in a collection or something of that sort? Every poem of yours I read is so amazing! <3

    1. Oh thank you so much, Julia! Funny you mention that, actually, because I'm indeed planning on getting one together and am currently working on the cover for it. :) Don't know when it'll be out (and it'll just be a self-publish thing, probably to Amazon and Smashwords), but I will post updates whenever I have them!


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