Five Ways I've Found to Get Around Writer's Block

So, we've all encountered this beast before; that nasty little roadblock that eventually every writer hits, that stops them dead in their tracks and leaves them flailing about their room helplessly as they wrack their brain for something, anything to work with.

Yep, hello darkness my old friend - I'm talkin' writer's block!

Usually you'll find your own ways past this little devil (wow, I am just.. cranking out the ridiculous figures of speech today, I am sorry. If you want to know how much I've loosened up since starting this blog, well - I'm not even worried about if they make sense or not lol. Full speed ahead!), but until that happens, you're left to try every possible option, and sometimes seeing how others deal with it can be a big help.

The number of ways to get past writer's block are infinite, and I'm still discovering new ones every time I get hit with it. Here's a few that, for me, seem to work more often than not!


1. Tell yourself that you're going to write an insanely quick micro poem or story.

Success rate: Lately, this is the method I've been using most often. It's surprisingly effective, at least for now.

Method: All you do is, when you go to write, just tell yourself that all you need is one or two good lines. A micro piece. And whether that's what you are actually going for or not, pretend it is. Put as much meaning as you can into those lines. It's a lot less intimidating to try for something so small, and often it'll inspire a larger story.

2. Write whatever nonsensical things pop into your head.

Success rate: This only works for me about half the time I try it, but I've always been horrible at brainstorming.

Method: Just write whatever comes to mind; words, phrases, objects, people, feelings, places. Don't judge them, not yet. Make up a joke without actually thinking about it. It could be anything, and doing this could inspire anything. You just have to happen upon the right sentence or word that sparks an idea!

3. Watch a show, a movie, read a book.

Success rate: Typically very high. We all know how inspirational a good movie, TV show, or book can be. This could also lead to a day of guilty binging, though, so attempt with caution.

Method: Pay attention (or don't; you could always just casually let it catch your eye and take note) to the settings and environments, the characters, their development and emotions, the plot, even the random items scattered about - pick out something that draws your attention, makes you laugh or cry, and write about it. Think about how you would describe it.

4. Browse around and read things from other writers, the Internet.

Success rate: I'd say the success rate here lies somewhere between #2 and #3. It doesn't always work, but the odds that you'll find something are high.

Method: Surf the Internet! Google is your friend (or Bing, or Yahoo.. you get my point). Search things like.. I don't know, "what should I write about," "help I have writer's block," "nature writing prompts," or "random word generator." Anything you like. Maybe go and stop by your favorite writing blogs, see what they're up to (I'm always happy to see you! lol!). Heck, maybe you're into writing fanfiction - go read some fanfics.

5. Listen to music while you stare at your screen, or sit and enjoy nature.

Success rate: Both of these things are like inspiration overload. Most likely something will spring to mind, eventually. If not, it's at the very least good time spent relaxing - something that we all could use more of.

Method 1: If you have a specific mood you're going for, pick appropriate songs to get you in the zone and to inspire that atmosphere. If you seriously just have nothing, click the shuffle button and enjoy. It might be the lyrics that get you, or the melody. I've found instrumental songs to be excellent for this! I'm less likely to get distracted and start singing along.

Method 2: Take your notebook, your laptop, your phone, or simply your brain (don't forget this. Very important) outside and just let nature's calm wash over you. Alternatively, sit by a window, on your porch, or visit the park. I live by a lake; spend any decent amount of time among my poems, and you'll notice pretty quickly the influence its had on my writing. :)

*Bonus* 6. Tell yourself you need to focus on other things.

Success rate: Eh. Depends on how much you actually need to be doing those other things.

Method: You probably do have things you should be doing other than trying to write, so use this to your advantage - your brain just might start coming up with all kinds of potential ideas. But only when you truly believe you need to be doing something else. Take this post, the 4 or 5 stories, and about 30-40 freaking poems I've started since I decided it was time to work on my poetry book.

And if all else fails...

It might be time for you to take a break! Take a week, two weeks, a month - whatever you feel you need to recharge. Writing, unless it's for your career, should never become something you start to dread doing. That doesn't mean quit when it gets tough - it means keep going because you want to. Not because you feel like you have to.


How do you get past writer's block? Have you ever tried any of the methods listed here?


  1. Awesome tips, Eve :D Thank youuu! I have already tried the 4th and 5th one. If music doesn't help me while I am writing, it at least calms me and it's really relaxing.

    Also, I love how you said "just let nature's calm wash over you". :D That is such a beautiful phrase. :)

    1. Thank you, Heena! :D Haha, and I almost edited that phrase out, too.. Happy I didn't. Exactly, 4 & 5 are good methods for more than one reason. Great ways to relax!

  2. This is such a great list! I have no idea how many times I've stumbled across writer's block. I mainly just try to write whatever idea pops into mind, as ridiculous or incoherent as it is. But it sort of frustrates me because I know I'm writing something I'm going to delete in a few days time! But I'm definitely going to have to try some of the methods you listed on this post out :)

    1. That's something about writer's block that's just totally unfair - it returns to plague us over, and over, and over again lol.. I do that, sometimes! It's definitely a good way to get some ideas flowing, but yeah it can get annoying, knowing that what you're writing isn't yet post worthy!

      Thanks, Erika! Hope any new methods you try out work for you!

  3. Brilliant points there Eve! :)) <3

  4. Great tips! Sometimes a break is always the best thing. 😀

    1. Thanks, Erin! So true. Breaks are just what you need sometimes! ..And other times, they lead to some serious procrastination. But, you know. Risks. x)

  5. Great ideas! I'm always looking for ways to be inspired to write whenever I feel writer's block and a lot of these are things I do too. Especially #4, which can actually be applied to reading this when you think about it. But taking a break from writing from time to time helps too.

    1. These have helped me so much lately! Now, I just hope that their ability to help me past my writing slumps doesn't wear off anytime soon. Yes, definitely, reading this totally counts as part of #4. Pretty much anything does - as long as it has a chance to inspire you (and writers know that the strangest things can do this!). Breaks are great refreshers, and sometimes taking a break is just the only thing that will work.

      Thank you, Lorrane! ^^

  6. Ahhhh, this is genius!!! xD Great ideas, Eve! I listen to music a lot while writing. What I usually do when I have writers block is just write whatever I WANT to, not the WIP I'm trying to force myself to work on. :P

    1. Haha! Problem is, what do you write about when you don't know what you want to write about?! I do, too - music is a great source of inspiration.

      Thank you so much! :D


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