Poem: "The Infinity Chain"

The Infinity Chain
By: Eve Estelle

The breath of a living soul
Dances with the breath of the land;
A moment harmonic, still -
Symbiotic, though unaware
Of our interwoven ties, the stars and man.
And in the strangest way,
The abstract becomes tangible.

Nearby, upon the swaying fronds of sincerity,
Dangles an object of great rarity -
Like a wind chime that whispers,
Calling quietly to passersby -
And on a chain of gleaming silver
Sit the eyes of Infinity;
A manifestation of energy,
Of the lasting legacy of a soul.

Now let the gentle hands that find
This unalloyed necklace -
Materialized by emotions pure,
Live contently,
Under the aegis of the spirit,
And be well to endure.

Author's note: Written for Allie Taylor's Thursday's Poetry Challenge. Based on a three-word item prompt: Necklace, ferns, gale (wind). And thrown together last minute, as usual. ;) *no shame*

Thank you, Allie!


  1. this is gorgeous, you definitely deserved that first place Eve, I'm so glad I came back to your blog again (after I couldn't find it for some reason, come on blogger, you're slacking) your poetry is stunning <3


    1. Thank you, Noor! :D Oh noo! Might be because I was on break and didn't have any new posts up for a month. But I do wish Blogger had an easier way to find others' blogs.. It's a bit messy. I appreciate your sweet words! :)

  2. What even! This is so beautiful. <3

    1. Thank you! Bit rushed in some places, but I'm really happy with how this poem turned out overall. :)

    2. Well thank you! :D I'm thrilled you think so!

  3. Words can't even describe how incredible this poem is, Eve!!! <3 Seriously feel like drawing a comic to this! ^o^

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Quayla!! :) If you're ever in need of comic material and you end up doing that, let me know so I can be sure to share it around here, too! ^^

  4. Wow, that's really all I have to say. Just wow. It's beautiful!

    Carrie @The Butterfly Reader


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