Poem: "Black Moon"

"New Moon"
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Black Moon
By: Eve Estelle

Harken! Pay heed to the signs!
Beware the ways on this reticent night,
For they're suppressed 'neath a tenebrous cloak;
Mind the warnings of the nocturnal beasts -
The owl who hoots from upon its branch,
Whose vision can pierce the stygian veil,
And who observes the runaway blackbird
As it flees on a tattered sail.

Down in the distant vale, can you hear it?
Lying low beneath the spreading shadow,
Whose hands this night reach far and wide -
Passing hours with the clattering of bones
And snake-eye betting,
Clinking earthen steins of gentle spirits
In the setting of a traveler's inn;
Drinks drawn from the barrels of tolerance,
These are wolves come out to hunt.


  1. Wooow! This is such a beautiful poem. I love how it is so "dark". That is awesome :D

    1. Agreed - this was a very fun (albeit an extremely aggravating) one to write! It changed in theme several times throughout the last couple months that I worked on it off and on, but I had the title I wanted and tried to keep that "dark" atmosphere and make it fit as best I could. Thank you! :D

  2. Hey Eve!

    Lovely poem once again! Quick question, can i use this for my English Lit/Lang practise work. (We are going to analysing poems and language used for effect) It would be nice to use work from an poet i have talked over the internet with before.


    Martin (Marcin)

    1. Oh of course! Go for it! :) I'd be honored to have you use it for your class work. Thank you for asking.

      I would love, love, love to see what you do with it, if you'd like to share it! No worries if you can't/would rather not, but just feel free to email me a picture or something if you feel like it. :)

      Good luck!

  3. How can I say "I love the creepy vibe this gives" without it seeming weird? XD Awesome poem! ^.^ Perfect timing for it! :P The imagery here is superb! ^o^

    1. Ahaha! Thank you! :D Yeah, and you know what, finishing it in October was totally unintentional - I started working on it in.. July, August, I think? Something like that. But this worked out quite well. :D

  4. This is such a well-written poem! It's perfect, since it definitely fits the Halloween vibe that's growing as the month goes on. I especially love the animal imagery and the overall creepiness it gives :)

    1. That's true, and I hadn't even realized it until you and others pointed that out! It was a total coincidence getting this done around Halloween time. :) The animals were so much fun to write into this! They can be hard, since they're used so often in poetry - it's way too easy to turn your piece into one big cliche.

      Thank you, Erika! :D

  5. this is so stunning <3 your poetry is awesome, eve!

    evelyn clickman @ if these stars shall fall

  6. Wow....I wish you were born in an earlier era, and we could interpret your poems in English classes.

    1. Ahhh, that would be so very cool. :) lol, I could pretend to be a reincarnation of 1800s Edgar A. Poe. Would take care of the era problem, and also explain my love for dark mysteries!

    2. Hahahah! That would be awesome... maybe you really are. ;)
      You could write something on this topic. Just a suggestion. :D

    3. Hey, who knows! lol. Hmm, I might sometime! Don't have any idea how I'd go about it.. But it's something I'll keep in mind. :)


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