Poem: "Truce"

Image by Diego Sideburns via Flickr (CC)

By: Eve Estelle

Well between us lay the barren land
That no man wants for his own;
Ashen sand from bullets fired,
Where the wretched earth is bone;
And silence makes heard the heart
That beats and longs for home;

Shall we die here as lovers fouled
Or may I shake your hand today?
Where once the bark of gunmen howled,
I'm left no words to say;
Now hear the lonely voice -
The one who stands and braves the fray
On a cold and quiet Christmas night,
He sings of love and peace -
"Climb out of your deep'ning graves,
Brothers, and let this warring cease."

Author's note: I'm not much of a war poem writer, but I've always loved the story of the Christmas Truce of 1914. With all of the divisiveness going 'round lately, I thought now would be a nice time to do something with it.

This was another quick one that I only spent about an hour on; many parts of it don't feel quite finished to me (why do I often post "unfinished" poems, you ask? Ahh just a little thing called being impatient), and I'll eventually revise it a bit. Or create an entirely new piece in addition. If you've been with me for a while, you know how this goes! lol.

Peace to all.


  1. Now I feel like re-watching the movie depicting the truce ("Merry Christmas" in English), even if I'm not really into watching war-themed stuff, but that one was well made if I remember correctly.

    As I don't know much about poems, I can't really comment on it, sorry...but it is an interesting topic for sure.

    1. Just did a quick search; easy find! Putting that movie in my watch list. I'm not too big on war-themed stuff either, but it's definitely interesting, and occasionally I'll pick something like that up.

      Agreed. Like I said in the post, I've been wanting to write something about this topic for a while, but it's one of those things that's been covered so much already, where do you even start.. lol. You can always comment from the perspective of just that - you might not know the technical side of poetry, but your feelings on whether or not it reads well, just in general, are valued and always appreciated! :)

      Thanks for dropping by, Poison. Hope to make it over to your place soon - I've got several posts of yours waiting in my inbox.

  2. This is beautiful!


    1. Thank you, Mikie! And thank you so much for the follow as well! :) Hope to see you around.

  3. It's been awhile since I've commented, but I'm always astounded by your writing. You're very talented <3

    Lorraine // Laurel Crowned

    1. Lorraine! Good to see you again! :) No worries about it having been a while; I really need to stop on over and see you, as well. I'm terrible with that.

      Thank you very much for the kind words! Hope all is well with you. :)


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