Poem: "Paradise Blue"

Paradise Blue
By: Eve Estelle

Gleaming snow falls,
A coat for this river of glass
Lying still as the halcyon sings.

Author's note:

Another short one, sort of haiku-ish (not a haiku, though -- it doesn't adhere to most of the rules).

The halcyon is a mythical bird that, according to Greek myth, nests in mid-winter upon the sea and is said to have the power to calm the winds and waves. From this story, the word has come to mean "idyllically calm and peaceful."


  1. Replies
    1. Winter scenes provide such beautiful images to work with! <3 Thank you as always!

  2. Love this! And thanks so much for adding the definition of Halcyon. I was like, wait what is that? LOL! Learn something new everyday!

    1. Oh yeah, it's not a word you see often -- I didn't even know about the mythical bird aspect of it until writing this! You sure do learn something new every day! lol. It's a beautiful word, though. Thanks, Erin! :D


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