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Google+ Is Going Away Soon -- Don't Lose Touch!

Hello, hello!

Brief PSA here. As I'm sure most of you are aware by now, Google is killing its Google+ social platform on April 2nd, 2019 -- less than a month from now. Pictures, videos, communities, comments made using G+, posts, profiles, followers, and anything else having to do with the social network will all be gone very shortly.

(If you'd like to learn more about this, and/or how you can download and preserve portions of your data, please see Google's own posts and announcements regarding these topics.)

Luckily, I always personally preferred Blogger's own comment system, and was really bad at keeping up with any of the communities I joined (sorry! lol). But anyone who did use G+ for commenting/receiving comments on their blogs, or for sharing their content and keeping in touch with others -- a lot of hard work just got thrown out of the window, and it's a damn shame. Nothing lasts forever, but this is nonetheless very disheartening.

Howeverrr, this does mean that any future communication & updates will have to be done elsewhere. Anyone who currently uses Google+ to stay up-to-date on happenings related to EoN will lose their ability to do so after April.

I'd hate to see any of you go. If you'd like to continue following me and my blog around, please do check out one of the below options -- there are several to use in place of G+, depending on what information you'd like to receive from me!

If you're currently following me, and would like to keep doing so, you can:

    • My tweets will be added to your Twitter feed, and you can DM (direct message) me at any time. With this method, you will receive any and all updates from me, including those related to EoN and those that are completely unrelated.
    • Best way to receive smaller announcements/updates, if you can deal with occasional bullsh*t.
    • Liking and following EoN on Facebook will add my page's posts to your feed and allow you to interact with me and my page community-style. You can shoot me a message any time. While I may do more with it in the future, this method is currently best for receiving new posts & major updates.
    • Subscribing via Bloglovin' allows you to receive new posts in your Bloglovin' feed and through email. Not a good contact method, but great for keeping up-to-date on new content!
  • Subscribe to Edge of Night via email
    • Subscribing via email allows you to receive new posts directly to your inbox. Not a method of contact, but a simple and straightforward way to keep up with new content!
    • To subscribe, enter your email in the box to the right, labeled "Post Updates Via Email."
  • Follow EoN via GFC
    • GFC (Google Friend Connect) adds my blog to your Blogger feed, and displays your profile in my list of public GFC followers. It's a form of following via your Google account, but with limited options -- its main benefit is its visible nature. It provides you with content updates, and a way to access my blog quickly.
    • To subscribe, click "Follow" in the box to the right, labeled "Blog Followers."

This is unfortunate news for anyone who uses the G+ platform, but we do have other options to keep in touch. I sincerely hope to see you around at least one of them!

And to those losing a chunk of their readership, know that you still have friends in the blogging world... and the opportunity for a fresh start, if you so choose. You had a good time, didn't you? Then nothing was wasted.

Best wishes to all of you! New poem(s) out soon.


  1. Yeah google + really did help me for my blog. I am sure going to miss it. YES! Following you everywhere :D

    1. Yay! :D Haha, thank you for your generous follows, my dear blogger buddy! Yeah, same. Might not have used it much myself, but enough to have found it useful...

  2. Yes...I was so sorry to hear about G+ closing—and I'm legit planning to write a similar post tonight, haha. xD The end of G+ doesn't effect me too much personally, but a lot of my followers use it, and I'll hate seeing the comments vanish. Oh well, another season, I suppose!

    I follow you by email, so all's good in that respect! :D

    1. Hah! It's good to make sure everyone's aware of it -- don't want to lose anyone unnecessarily. Exactly, I'm in the same position. I was just thinking, before hearing the shutdown announcement, about how I should do more with it lol... I'm kinda wanting to replace G+ with some other interactive platform, but not sure which one yet.

      Yay!! As do I, so we're golden on both ends! (I have, like, 20 of your posts sitting in my inbox, by the way, 'cause I keep meaning to use them as quick links to your blog and it never happens LOL.)

  3. This is important that's for warning me!


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