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Here you'll find nearly all of my works of prose (only loosely organized due to how few there are). This includes any novels, novellas, etc., that I happen to write, my short tales to-date, prose collaborations, as well as other in-character or story-like prose items such as letters. This, however, does not include verse/prose combined posts (see "A Note On...").

Let me know if you have any favorites, and even what your least favorites are, too!


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(Novels, novellas, etc.)


Longer Works

✧✦ Novel: Renegade (WIP, likely to be scrapped)

Short Stories

✧✦ Under Starlight

✧✦ The Siren's Violinist

✧✦ A Knight's Farewell (Contest Entry)

✧✦ Blind Mistake (Request)

✧✦ Incanter's Library (CS)

✧✦ In the City of Eternal Night (Part I | Part II)

✧✦ A Shadow Over Hocking


✧✦ Tidings of Spring: A Letter to Myself

* A Note On Posts Containing Both Verse & Prose

In an attempt to keep this list as short as possible and avoid duplicate category placements, you can find prose items which also included verse pieces alongside them in the Miscellaneous (Misc) section!

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