Poem: "Winter's Light"

Winter's Light
By: Eve Estelle

Out of my window, I see naught but white;
While most whimper and howl at a snowfall so foul,
I shan't see it as an unfortunate sight.
Hot chocolate in hand, the day still unplanned,
I can't help but laugh in glee;
Driving's a pain, usually in vain,
But such beauty is never free.

Out of my window, I see naught but grace,
As each crystal of water falls calmly into place.
The wind surely howls, as it blows chimney cowls,
And the landscape is covered in drifts;
Life dare not walk with death in tow,
But despite the chill, it performs with skill,
The whistling wind and the snow.

Yes, out of my window I surely see danger;
Biting cold, glassy ice, and perfection no stranger -
But I also see the wonders
Of a wintry paradise,
With evergreens prevailing,
And uniqueness so precise.
Remember that when night falls, winter's no less kind;
Take a look at that white blanket, and watch it as it shines.

..What do you see out of your window?
A quiet, stunning vista...
Or something more to plow?
Perhaps by one wintry season,
You'll see beauty in white.
When next you see those crystals fall,
Don't ever veil winter's fright -
But don't ever shadow winter's light.

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