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Poem: "Reminiscence"

By: Eve Estelle

Hear the call of the ocean's tide;
Filled with peace, filled with violence,
Taking your mind on a wild ride;
Lost in the roar, you hear little but silence,
Caught in the spell as emotions collide.

From birth to childhood, you remember;
Innocence thrived as you laughed in glee,
The road you saw went on forever;
Laughing and playing, your mind ran free.
With your parents near, their protection emphatic,
The world, it seemed, was no place to fear;
It seemed so big, and full of magic,
You paid little mind to the stories you'd hear.

Suddenly it's different; it's not all play.
You've made it to your teen years,
And must manage your day.
From then to adulthood, you remember;
Physically tired, mentally high,
Your heart was on fire, a burning ember,
Nothing could stop you, and you longed for the sky.
You wanted to change humanity,
Now more than ever;
You'd come to see insanity -
It's no easy endeavor.
All too soon you realized
The monsters under your bed;
As a kid they were idealized,
But they were never in your head.

Finally, adulthood; the years have come and gone.
You've got responsibilities, but you'll survive another day.
Matured, experienced, and grown,
You've finally found your way.
The world isn't perfect, and neither are we,
But you can see beauty in nearly every sea.
Times are hard, but times are good,
You wouldn't change a thing.


  1. This is a great poem :) Way to good :D
    hope to read more of you :)

    - Anubhav Tyagi

    1. I'm sorry, I thought I replied to this already! Thank you very much Anubhav. :)


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