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Poem: "The Lonely Wanderer"

CC image by Val D'Aquila via Flickr

The Lonely Wanderer
By: Eve Estelle

Have you dreamed of traveling?
To see the world whole.
Is your life unraveling?
As you strive to reach your goal.

This way of life is not for all -
In fact it's quite obnoxious.
Work all day, work all night - until you can't recall.
Finally at bedtime, you're all but unconscious;
Held awake by a buzzing brain,
You cannot get to sleep.
Why abuse your life...
...For thoughts so mundane?

There's more to life than work and marriage,
Living at home with spouse and carriage.
This fact is known by a lonely few,
Who find our lives deserve review.
We strive for peace, we desire perfection,
But is what we need more reflection?
One who knows the value of life,
Can begin to question if he's living it right.
Those who know have peace eternal,
Drifting along the tides of time;
Those who don't lie in Hell's inferno,
Searching for a guiding sign.

Did you say you'd dreamt of traveling?
Not surprising, it's a common goal.
Those lonely few know all too well
That life can take its toll.
Get out of this unhealthy habit
Of remaining and conforming;
They say that travel's good,
For body, mind, and soul.


  1. This poem is so relatable, I am sure many people too go through
    conflict of thoughts like this one. Amazing post & would you
    like to follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin. Lemme know
    & lets keep in touch!


  2. Hi subham rai! I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, it makes me cringe whenever I see people working their lives away, trying so hard to live "like everyone else" and not just.. enjoying it.

    I'd love to follow you! :) I don't have an account for Bloglovin, but I'll certainly give your blog a follow. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Such a stunningly beautiful poem, and the image accompanies it perfectly. As Sumham said, it's so relatable!

    Much love,

    Acacia xx
    blog / acacia rachel

    1. Acacia, thank you for the lovely comment. I thought that image was beautiful, and I couldn't help but add it. I'm happy to hear it worked out well with the poem!

      Thanks again, and checking out your link now. :)

  4. Beautiful Post! Enjoyed reading! Followed <3


    1. Thank you so much, Joshua! Your follow is greatly appreciated! ^^

      Love your blog! Travel is such a fantastic thing to do. Followed as well. :)

  5. So incredible. I think you have a fan :)

    1. Thank you, Qale! Glad you enjoyed it. :) Hope to see you around!


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