Poem: "Human Spirit"

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Human Spirit
By: Eve Estelle

The caves gave way to wonder,
For the mighty world around;
The minds of men asunder,
As we dared to tread new ground.

Stonehenge, the pyramids,
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon;
Catacombs, the Great Wall,
Explorers in the Amazon.

Fire was born, though this one cannot warm us.
Imagination soars, when wonder comes upon us.
The road ahead is winding,
It appears to never end;
Each step twice as binding,
As we dare try to ascend.

We climb the lofty mountain,
Though hardship often follows;
We persevere, finding strength in weakness
And move on from our sorrows.

The Colosseum, Chichen Itza,
Saint Basil's Cathedral;
Biology, physics,
Farewell times medieval.

Young or old, we're all capable;
The young have ambition,
But the old are wise;
No need to fear the process of age -
An elder has knowledge seldom seen in fledgling eyes.

Photography, the typewriter,
Improving transportation;
Electric light, Coca-Cola,
A growing civilization.

But with our achievements, worries come too;
One wrong move can lead to disaster.
With each great invention, we push ourselves further;
Wariness grows, our relations fracture.

World alliances, catastrophic wars, 
Spies, thieves, and weapons;
Dangers of global warming,
And dangers of our actions.

Even so, we always get past these troubled times;
We repair, rebuild, and continue onward.
History repeats, but each time we learn;
We've gotten far, let's keep going forward.

Computers, the Internet,
A world connected;
Smartphones, green energy,
Mistakes corrected.


  1. EVE!! Your poems are amazing! You write with such experience i love it!!

    1. So glad you like them! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. :)

  2. Eve your writing.
    I have now words. Your poems are just gorgeous. ^-^

  3. I really like this poem because it captures the ebb and flow of life with your tone and rhythm. So cool :) Have a great day!

    -Riley XO

    1. That was my goal with it! Glad to see it worked out ^^ Thanks for commenting, and you too, Riley!

  4. Hello sweetie. Great blog you have, love the post. Do you want to follow each other? I always follow back.

    1. Hi, Adinna, glad you liked it. Sure, I'd love to follow you. :)

  5. This is a gorgeous poem! Great job, Eve :)
    And thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

    1. Thank you! No problem, I love your reviews! Thanks much for checking mine out as well. ^^

  6. Nice poem!!! I like your blog!!
    would you like to follow each other? let me know...i always follow back.
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

    1. Muchas gracias, Marcela! ^^ I would be happy to follow you.

    2. Thank you for your visit!! I follow you!!!.)))
      Have a good week!!!:)))

    3. No problem, I appreciate your visit and follow! You too. :)

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    1. Yay! ^^ I'm glad to hear that, Nicole. Thanks for commenting!

  8. Thanks for following me, I've now followed you back, and I'm your #21 follower.

    Have a good day.


    1. Very welcome, and thank you as well, Vivian! :)


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