Poem: "Remembrance"

CC image by Riccardo Cereser via Flickr

By: Eve Estelle

The dead feel no sadness,
The dead feel no pain;
They've at last escaped this madness,
And no longer strive in vain.

Remember those you've lost,
Be thankful for the memories;
Speak of them with kindness,
Forgive them of their treacheries.
Touches are a thing of the past,
As their physical forms are finished and gone;
It's a sad thing that we wish wouldn't last,
But remember that their spirit lives on.

For each star in the sky, think of a smile;
A mind of intellect, happiness divine.
For each twinkling eye, think of a heart;
A burning fire, a golden shine.

Remember those you've lost,
Be thankful for the memories;
Speak of them with truth,
Of times good and bad, old and in youth.
None of us are perfect,
Our choices are our own;
Good and bad, they make us,
Don't filter what is shown.

The sun sets upon these eyes,
But rises for another;
You'll always have the memories,
And you'll always have each other.


  1. WOW! That was so good. I really appreciate all your hard work you put into this blog! Also I nominated you on my blog for an award! http://sweetasarose.weebly.com/ also could you check out my second blog? it's http://alittletasteofheavensr.weebly.com/

    1. Whoops. Accidentally deleted my first reply.

      But thank you! I very much appreciate that you read my posts and leave such lovely comments. Of course, I'll check your second one out now. Thank you for the award! Since I just published a post for that one, I will edit it to add your nomination. :)

  2. You have a nice blog. I love your music!! :)

    1. Thank you, Anne-Laurie! I'm glad to hear you like it ^^ Which song do you like the most?

  3. Hi Eve! Nominated you for another award! http://sweetasarose.weebly.com/

    1. Thank you again! lol. I'll be able to have it up later today, I think. :)

  4. I have no words for this Eve. I just love your writings.

  5. Also, and anyone who wants can answer this:

    Do you all see the fancy fonts for the work titles and other words? I noticed they don't show up on the mobile version of this blog, and was curious if I'm the only one that sees them in general...

  6. That was a beautiful, well written and touching poem. I also think that your blog has this great layout in which everything comes together! Your background, poem and the music all go so well together!


    1. Thank you so much, Envy! I really appreciate your comment. I'm glad it goes together well! That's what I was hoping for ^^

      Thanks again, and I'll make sure to take a look at your link!

  7. Great work! Thanks for leaving your link with me. I look forward to reading more :)


    1. Oh yeah, no problem! Thank you for checking it out. Glad you liked it, and same goes for me—looking forward to more from you as well. :)


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