Featured Website Contest: December's Winner

Last week, the first run of the FWC was announced. One week isn't a very long time to gather entries, but we needed to get our first winning website up and displayed. Normally, these contests will run for an entire month.

But anyway, let's get to the results!

One contest entry was randomly selected after adding all of them into the random generator Random-ize. Those of you who wanted an extra chance to win were able to "Like" Edge of Night on Facebook to have your name entered twice into the generator. The name who is drawn here will have their website displayed for one month, or until January 13th. Let's see who made it, shall we?

Travel Pray Love is our December winner!

Congrats, Jaimee! You can head on over to this page to see your website and the information you provided. If you'd like certain information added or removed, please let me know. From Dec. 13 and until Jan. 13, the content of the page is yours to personalize!

Didn't win this time? No worries! Entries for January are now being accepted. Feel free to sign up for another chance—even if you've won. 

If you plan on entering multiple months, I recommend writing down your information somewhere—that way you have it handy when you create your entry each time. Certainly not required, but it might be much less of a hassle for you!


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    1. I'm happy that you're happy lol! Thank you for your interest in the contest, and congrats again! :)


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