Poem: "The World Through Another's Eyes"

CC image by Steve Corey via Flickr

The World Through Another's Eyes
By: Eve Estelle

We live on a world unlike any other,
We live on a planet where life abounds;
But though we share this beautiful home,
There's a contrast in views that always astounds.
Where one may see white,
Another sees black.
Where one can take flight,
Another's held back.

It stems from experience,
The way we perceive;
Each act of kindness,
Each time we're deceived,
Every little things shapes our alignments.

Realize that you are not alone on this earth;
You are not the sole holder of opinions,
You are not the only one to have suffered.
Life is easy for none, and the same for none.
Avoid the bitter anger of ignorance, try to understand;
Lend your ears, forget your pride,
Next time you find yourself in the midst of belligerence,
Just take a little time to see the other side.


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    1. Awe thank you, KR. :) Your subscription is very appreciated!

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      And it depends.This poem, for example, took me maybe two days. Some of them can take up to a week or more, if I don't know exactly where I'm going with the post (and I often don't)!

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