Featured Website Contest: June's Winner

It's time for a new site to be displayed! Featured Website Contest entries have been accepted since May 13th of 2015. Today, all of them were gathered and entered into the generator Random-ize, where one lucky website will be selected as our next winner.

Nicole Rose of Self Known was our previous winner. Who's next?

First-timer? Here's a brief rundown: One contest entry was randomly selected after adding them all into the generator. Those of you who wanted an extra chance to win were able to "Like" Edge of Night on Facebook to have your name entered twice into the generator. The name who is drawn here will have their website displayed on a dedicated page for one month, or until July 13th. 

And now, without further ado...

A Sea Change is our June winner!

Congrats, Kathie! You can head on over to this page to see your website and the information you provided. If you'd like certain information added or removed, please let me know. From June 13 and until July 13, the content of the page is yours to personalize!

The Featured Website Contest will be retiring soon! Unfortunately, this means that entries are no longer being accepted. After Kathie's run is finished on July 13th, the FWC will be be taking a break and put into a temporary retirement. However, if you were looking forward to submitting an entry, I have a feeling it'll be back!

Thanks to all who participated! I hope you got one or two more pageviews from this. ^^


  1. Thank you, Eve! I'm happy to be featured here! This is definitely a great way to get to know other bloggers and I'm glad you started this :)

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

    1. You're welcome, Kathie! Agreed. I've gotten to know all of these bloggers more, and even met a couple of new ones. I hope other readers here have gotten the same good out of it! :)


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