Poem: "Enchanted Woods"

Enchanted Woods
By: Eve Estelle

The tales tell of the strangest things,
But I hear only the soothing sounds -
Bewitched by the songs the forest sings,
I've crossed onto its hallowed grounds.

Caressed by the whispers,
The rustling leaves;
The clinking cones among the pines,
The scent of the forest upon the breeze;
But pass the barrier of in-between,
And strange things happen -
A change of scene...

Fireflies of gold - they hover and drift,
Creatures emerge, they shimmer and shift;
Resembling the old, but so different and bold,
The forest reveals its gift.

Distant pools of brilliant blue water
Glisten serenely under trees that glow;
Surrounded by greenery with food to offer,
Be welcome in the woods where magics flow.


  1. Lovely poem!! Happy weekend.


    1. Thank you! Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I hear ya. While I live in the suburbs and not directly within a busy city, I still really wish I could get out and see nature more. Nothing more beautiful or relaxing.

  3. Beautiful!!! Well don't, Eve!!!:)

  4. Oh! I love this poem. :) It takes me back to every fantasy book I've ever read.

    But it really makes me think about the movie "Maleficent" and the forest in it. :)

    1. Oh yeah! I can see that. I thought Maleficent was a very good movie. ;) Thank you, Ashley!

  5. oh so beautiful....love this write,so many beautiful lines hetr...Eve this is wonderful,just like tjese woods :) take care.

    1. Thank you, as always. :) I'm happy you find it to your liking - I just could not find the right words for this poem for days!


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