Poem: "A New Chapter"

CC image by undersan via Flickr

A New Chapter
By: Eve Estelle

Every story has a beginning..

It has a middle,

And an end;

The pages are numbered,

And each word is penned.

Every chapter is a milestone,

Bringing excitement and adventure;

But every chapter, too,

Brings change and challenge;

But fight on and fight through,

To your "Happily Ever After" -

For the wheels of life will turn,

And we must embrace the next chapter.


  1. Perfect words to describe what I feel when I'm writing of thinking about my writing. :) And it fits life SO well, too! :D Thanks, Eve.

    1. Yay! :) I liked the idea of comparing life to a book. I'm glad you think it turned out well! Ended up going in a slightly different direction than I intended, but I still am pretty pleased with the outcome. Thank *you* Faith!

  2. love this too....nice metaphor Eve,perfect infact since you write. :)

  3. I'm writing a couple of novels and this fits the experiences so well. And this is now also another one of my favorites, Eve. ^________^

    1. A couple?! You must tell me about them! lol. That's great, Tudda. :) Best of luck with your novels. Glad you liked the poem! ^^


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