Midget Monday #2

And it's Monday once more!

Today I bring you the second edition of my weekly Midget Monday posts, and it's even on the correct day this time. (If you happened to miss the last one, I had published it on a Wednesday.)

What is Midget Monday?

Midget Monday is a weekly post containing one micro-poem (~6 lines or less) and one "micro" story (~300 words or less). Poems and stories may sometimes share a theme, but will usually be two random, mismatched topics. I may also build more upon any of the poems or stories that I use in these posts, so you might see these (or something similar) again in the future!

Midget Monday #2



Gazing out at the world from against the wall,
A thoughtful look upon their faces;
But avert your eyes for a single moment,
Now look once more - were they there at all..?


City in the Sky

A skyline like you'd never believe: A city in the sky, sitting atop the clouds that soar above our heads, hidden by a veil of mist and fog. Most never make it this far. Half of our world wouldn't know how to look for such a place, and the other half wouldn't even dream of its existence.

But perhaps that's why they say the clouds are for daydreamers. Ask me how I came to be here and I couldn't tell you - but what I can tell you is this: It's beautiful. Look to the left and you'll find an expanse of sunlit motion; a blanket of swirling water vapor illuminated by the sun's rays in the colors of a brilliant sunset. To the right, the same. But ahead lies towering structures of glass, the clouds reflecting upon their surfaces in a faint, but perfect mirror image. Tranquil silence is all that can be heard, with ever-so-slight a whisper from the mists.

To the average eye, this city appears invisible. But it reveals its treasures to the eyes of dreamers.


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