Poem: "The World Keeps Turning"

The World Keeps Turning
By: Eve Estelle

The sun will rise..

Tragedy plays across her surface -
Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters,
Victims of chance and a cold, harsh reality -
Lives brought to an end far too soon,
Everywhere families cry out for the moon.

..The sun will set..

These lives have changed,
But the Earth remains;
They have faces and names,
But we might never hear them.
Every second this occurs,
A life dissolves;
Just wood for the flames,
And to us, mere ghosts.

..And so the world keeps turning,
The fires keep burning,
And life goes on,
Until the stars cease shining.

Author's note: I thought of going in so many different directions with this.. Made it a bit messy. I might redo it in the future, or make an entirely new version. Also, the above image is temporary. (It grew on me!)

Delivering specific messages is not one of my strong suits when it comes to writing. Because of that, I like to keep my works open to interpretation. I'm always curious though; what did you get from this, if anything?


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    1. Oh yeah, you know what I can see that. Interesting.

      Thanks for the comment, Avy <3

  2. Deep poem. It made me think of 9/11 for some reason (which was only a few days ago). Keep it up! ^.^ Btw, have you ever written an ode? That's the only type of poem we learned about that I didn't quite understand doing. I know it's supposed to be like a letter dedicated to someone; just not sure how to go about it.. :/

    1. Thank you! :) Actually, I thought of the same thing as I was writing it. It wasn't intended to be about 9/11, but it can certainly apply to it - which I think is nice because I wasn't able to get a special post out for that this year.

      I don't believe I've ever written an ode, no. Some of my poems contain elements of one, I think, but they weren't intended to be odes. An ode is a tribute that praises a person, thing, or idea. If you know someone who you think is just super duper awesome, who you respect, etc., or there's something, anything, that you feel is deserving of praise, recognition, all those positive things, then that's what your ode will be about. You giving praise to something/someone you consider praiseworthy.

      Like I said, these aren't meant to be odes, but they might give you a little bit of an idea what an ode's purpose is: Gleam of December is about my love for Christmas time, Human Spirit is about the greatness of the "human spirit." Also, Inked Magic is somewhat of an ode to writing.

  3. Lovely poem. It's sad and a 'feeling' poem. I love those!! :-) It reminds me of a story I'm writing. ;)

    1. Those kinds of poems are nice to read - they really make you think. Ooo, how cool! :) Short story or a longer one?

    2. I love things that make me think things out. ;) It's going to be pretty long; currently about 11,700 words. ;-)

    3. Woohoo! That's great, Faith. Keep it up :D

  4. I like this one, but it does make me think of like a mass death. But there is still life and the world goes on, even though a lot of people died. Really good!! :)

    1. Thank you! :) Yeah, this one was meant to be more of a sad poem. Not necessarily a mass death sort of thing, just loss of life in general. It could be a single person or many.


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