Midget Monday #3

Guess what day it is? It's Mondaaaaay.

Are those crickets I hear? Ah well, maybe I can make a good start to your Monday with a little poem and story. (Although those of you who hate the cold may want to whack me after reading the poem.)

What is Midget Monday?

Midget Monday is a weekly post containing one micro-poem (~6 lines or less) and one "micro" story (~300 words or less). Poems and stories may sometimes share a theme, but will usually be two random, mismatched topics. I may also build more upon any of the poems or stories that I use in these posts, so you might see these (or something similar) again in the future!

Midget Monday #3


First Frost

The winds have whistled,
The trees are bare;
The air is frigid,
The sky is fair;
Crystals glisten, they gently sit
Upon the surface, o'er every bit.


The Immortal Wish

Life was not meant to last forever.
It is a unique and precious gift that we are given. Time exists to help us use wisely that gift. Throughout the ages, there have been those who wished that time would cease its constant ticking and grant them life everlasting; to allow them to live on in our physical world for eternity.

They do not know what they wish for.

Every set of eyes shall see the sun and moon rise and set a finite number of times. The stars shall move no faster because you are ready to abandon them, nor will they move any slower because you wish to stay with them.

Life is a cycle. It begins, it progresses, it dies. Make the most of the time you have, and wish for no more. Forever is a long time.



  1. Your poem sweety captures the sight of the seasons first frost. (Which we just had at my house...beautiful but way too early. :p)

    The Immortal Wish is very well written! The message is so very true, and I'd actually be really interested to read a longer story incorporating this... Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, ghost! :) Yeah, had a few snow flakes falling around here yesterday as well. I hate the heat so I'm ready for it - but dang it sure is cold the first time around!

      Oo, very nice to know that you'd be interested in a longer story.. :) I love writing time-related pieces. I wouldn't expect anything for a little while, but I'll see what I can do!


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