Poem: "In a Year's Time"

"Time has passed" by EliseEnchanted on DeviantArt

In a Year's Time
By: Eve Estelle

Waves of cool water lap softly against grains of sand,
Each rhythmic movement the note of a song;
Every ebb, and every flow, murmurs,
Conjuring images of the past.

The leaves have fallen,
And they drift upon the brisk winds of autumn.
A world of color hides beneath a cloak of shadows,
Silent and at rest.
As I gaze at these November stars,
I remember this time last year;
When the sunset held no wistful longing,
Its vibrant hues simply candy for the eye -
When these sandy shores weren't quite so lonely,
And neither you nor I expected: "Goodbye."

Aye, the birds sing a different melody now,
A sweet but melancholic tune.
Much has changed in just a year,
And yet.. little has changed at all.
I find comfort in the things that I attribute to you,
But I'll always regret my blindness
To the writing on the wall.


  1. That's pretty. Kind of melancholy. I like it! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Erin. :) That's the sort of mood I was aiming for - good to hear it came out right. ^^

  2. So pretty and sadly-sweet. (I'm on a streak of making up my own adjectives. B-)) My life has changed a LOT in the past year. This describes it amazingly. :) Thank you, Eve!

    1. Always fun to see what you can come up with when doing things like that! ;) Yeah, a lot of change for both us, it seems. For many people. Every year has its fair share of difficulties, but wow - maybe I've just been noticing it more, but 2015 has been unusually turbulent for so many people!

  3. This is so sweet! ^.^ The picture goes along with it well, too! :D

    1. Thank you, Quayla! I'm glad you think so. :) I had a hard time trying to get one that fit.


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