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Poem: "Masquerade"

CC image by Vann Cœuru via Flickr

By: Eve Estelle

Glittering gold,
Blazing reds;
Vividly bold,
Bedazzled threads.
Sparkling silver,
Onyx lace,
Feathered crowns,
And a hidden face;
A masquerade of fabrication,
Patrons dance away the night;
They revel in such admiration,
Till shines the light of dawn.


  1. love this...can picture it :) great :).

  2. Aaaah! I love this!

    The moment I saw your title, there was an orchestra in my head and people singing "MASQUERADE! Paper faces on parade!" The POTO was inside my mind. O.o That's my favorite scene from the movie, with sharp choreography and everyone dress in similar colors.

    Ahem. That's beside the point.

    I really love how punchy the your lines are. And the colors! Everything is so bold and vivid. I might have to stick it up on my wall.

    1. Ahah! You know, I don't remember much of that movie. I did see it once, but it was a while ago and I definitely don't even remember that scene.. I'll have to watch it again sometime.

      "Punchy" lines are so much easier for me than longer sentences! I feel like that shows a lot in my poetry. I always end up liking my pieces with shorter lines more (minus a few exceptions here and there). But I also always keep drifting towards the sentence structure. Which I like anyway, because practice makes perfect. :)

      Writing the colors was so much fun. That would be so great if you did that lol!

      Thank you, Ashley!

  3. As always, you have picked THE PERFECT picture to go with your piece <3 lovely imagery - I just love thinking about decadent balls, people in exquisite gowns with jewelry dripping from their hair and such.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. I always underestimate the effort it takes to find the right image. Even this - I thought, "well, masquerade masks are popular; this shouldn't be too difficult to find a good one that I can use!" But it still was. However, I just loved this image when I scrolled by it on Flickr, and I love the photographer for licensing it under easy Creative Commons. :D

      "Masquerades" are always so gorgeous in movies, etc. I've recently started collecting masquerade masks because of how amazing they all are. (Only have one or two so far - they're not easy to store..)

      Thank you Ellie! :)

  4. Wow Eve, this is such an amazing poetry. I love how you always end up finding the best image for your poem and also make them sound mysterious :D I adore the mystery. :)

    1. Ooh, the mystery is so much fun. :) I love writing poems with elements of mystery, especially the supernatural kind. Thank you Heena! <3

  5. How did you become such a great poet? Like, even w/ a poem about a masquerades, I'm blown away! :D Don't EVER stop writing; you're actually inspiring me to write poetry more! ^.^

    1. You're so sweet, Quayla! Thank you for the kind words. :) I've got a lot to improve upon (that's always the case, though, for anyone), but I love to practice with it and that's how you get better at anything. Practice and experimentation!

  6. Very nice! I love this one. Now I wish I could go to a masquerade lol! :)

    1. Ooo, that'd be so fun, don't you think? :) Thanks Erin!

  7. :O New to this blog, but WOW that poem was amazing! I LOVED it! ♡♡ I cannot wait to read more of your poems! :D

    1. Awe, thank you so much, Seashell! It makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

      A big welcome to you, and thank you as well for the follow! It's very, very appreciated. :) Hope to see you around!


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