Poem: "The Revelers of Mischief"

The Revelers of Mischief
By: Eve Estelle

In the heart of an empty room,

Left alone and free to flicker,

Sits a candle lit and burning;

Smoke curls 'round the waxy base,

The wicked flame dancing,

The white walls basking

In hellish light and laughter.

Wherever the fire reaches,

Shadows writhe and frolic;

Twisted silhouettes,

Like little marionettes -

These jesters who revel in foolery,

And smile from the realm of mischief.


  1. Woah. Your poems are always so descriptive -- so vivid and depictive!! :) Bravo, Eve! Keep it up. :D

    1. Intentional or not, I like what you did there - subtle rhyming lol. Thanks so much, Faith! :D

  2. Great poem! :D Have you ever heard of Ross Budgen? He's a composer that makes a lot of epic music that'd go great in movies or trailers! I was listening to a piece he calls "Abnormal" while reading this, and it sort of goes! He's on YouTube if you wanna check him out! ^.^

    1. Budgen or Bugden? If this is the song you're talking about, it sure does go with it! Sort of a creepy, halloweeny tune. That's a great find! I hadn't heard of him before, but thanks for mentioning him. :)

  3. This is such a great poem, Eve :D As always, I love your titles. They are so mysterious. Keep it up! :)

    1. Titles are such fun to come up with - though I've been having trouble coming up with good ones lately lol. Thank you!


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