Poem: "Sterling to Sterling"

Sterling to Sterling
By: Eve Estelle

Cascading silver,

Falling feathers tumble

Down, down from a despondent sky;

Drifting, slowly, falling,

Left in the wake of sullied wings

And reflecting 'pon the hero's eye;

Away, away, away he hides,

The righteous warrior of the golden lie -

Shattered was he by the truth of kings,

That no paragon abides among the low or high -

There his fate was writ 'pon the wall,

Despite the virtues to which he clings; thus

From sterling to sterling have his colors gone,

For even in heaven may the mighty fall.


  1. Your words... they cascade. :')

    1. lol, I see what you did there. ;D Thank you, Vani!

  2. Very beautiful poem, Eve. <3 Happy to see that you're back! ^.^

    1. Thank you so much, Quayla! :D Happy to be back! I missed it.


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