Poem: "Rising Guard" (Part 1 / 2, "October Orchards")

Rising Guard
October Orchards Part I
By: Eve Estelle

O, flickering fire inside the lantern
Agrin with ghoulish glee,
Standing post upon my stair
Each night th' haunts are free;
Be now the light among the dark
And lead them home to me --
I give thee form, I give thee life,
Bring my faeries home to me.

The vineyard near lends its limbs,
Wayward souls become thy core --
Arise now, my eldritch guard,
Protect my kin, or give them war.

Author's note: "October Orchards" is the collective title of a two-part series of Halloween-inspired poems.

Part I: "Rising Guard"

Part II: "Faeries of the Orchard"

Considering that this newly-risen guard consists of pumpkins, I was really tempted to use the title "Rising Gourd."

Cheers to my 200th post! Thanks for making it so much fun to write 'em up. 😉


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