Poem: "Faeries of the Orchard" (Part 2 / 2, "October Orchards")

Image by Eric Roy via Flickr (CC); edited

Faeries of the Orchard
October Orchards Part II
By: Eve Estelle

Among the fertile soils, the lush grasses,
The fruit-bearing trees
In plotted rows, the earthy smell of autumn
Sets fire to the leaves
Alight in gold and umber,
And bright spherules, diminutive suns,
Frolic, they flit upon the breeze --
Whisking 'neath the boughs,
They harvest till slumber,
And they nurture the blooms
Unencumbered by fall's decay;
Nourished by the shrooms,
They burn in shades of night, of day,
But lo -- the orchard's playful gard'ners
Might soon be lost among the fray,
As wand'ring spirits, benign heralds,
Come before the bloodthirsty beasts --
Like the howling cur that stalks within,
Who would sooner make these faeries feasts;
There, he hunts, spurred by hunger,
Blighted coat as black as sin;
Trailing shadows, he slows to hunker,
Poised to leap and smite his prey --
O, smothered flame, no sound escapes;
But as he's sown, so now he reaps,
And paid shall be his debt to fae --
For vengeance comes on limbs of vine,
Wicked barbs with souls afire,
Given life that no fiend should dine
Upon ashes this hallowed night...

"Waste not one more kin of mine,"
The Fae Queen's warning rings,
"Restless dead, on your yearly voyage;
Suffer not this wolf's bite, leave be
My lights, and by morn's decree
Retire, back to th' void. Avanti,
My guard! Bring home my fae."

Author's note: "October Orchards" is the collective title of a two-part series of Halloween-inspired poems.

Part I: "Rising Guard"

Part II: "Faeries of the Orchard"

My apologies for how long this took to finish! Wow. As always, thank you for being patient with me. :)


  1. Lovely and in the perfect spirit of Halloween...

    1. Love this time of year! ;) Thank you, Marilyn!

  2. This is so amazing!
    I love the title also so much!

    1. Thank you!! I like the title, too -- it really didn't change much throughout the entire time writing Pt. I or Pt. II (except the first version used "patch" instead of "orchard" :p).


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