One-Liner Poem Collaboration: "Wailing World, Fallen Crimson" (Nov. 15, 2017 -- Nov. 29, 2017)

Well hello yet again! Two weeks sure went by like nothing, wow.

Today, November 29th, marks the end of the One-Liner Poem Collaboration that began on the 15th. I've now gathered up the contributions and have put them all together into a completed poem below. You'll notice we have a title, too, and I'll explain how "Wailing World, Fallen Crimson" came to be.

Let's get started. I'd like to note, also, that there weren't many lines to collect, but the few we do have here are surprisingly coherent -- well done, my fellow poets! None of you saw beforehand what the others submitted, so it really could have been anything.

Forming the Title

This was a group effort, even if it was a simple one. I felt the title should reflect that. Genius me, however, totally forgot about the title when I made the submission form and first posted this collaboration, so there wasn't any good way to gather ideas from those who had already contributed.

Each person added one line to the poem. So, I decided to form the title using one word from each line (excluding the first) -- the words would be picked in no special order, just in a way that made them work. But only one word, per line, was used. Which gives us...

Prompt image, with given first line.

Wailing World, Fallen Crimson

Poem Collaboration

The raven mourns with the tolling bell,
a foreshadowing of velvety darkness accompanies his wailing;
The world sleeps, dreams of his warning,
crimson blood dripping into the wishing well;
and the church's windows have fallen dark.


Line 1 -- Myself
Line 2 -- Giselle H.
Line 3 -- RVostt
Line 4 -- Kanra Khan
Line 5 -- Jesse K.

End punctuation was added, but everything else, including capitalization, was kept as the respective author submitted it.

This was a great little thing to try out. Would you be interested in seeing more like it in the future? Thank you to each writer who participated, and fabulous work!

Reminders: Although this event has reached its end, you can still submit a piece of writing to my General Reader Showcase (free advertising! You know you want it!) until December 6, and my Reader Survey will remain open for a good while yet if you have feedback you wish to share.

When it comes to replying to comments and messages, my responses may still be delayed until around December 1-2. I've not had a problem so far, but just in case these last couple of days are different!


  1. I missed this! :( Pls make this a regular thing.

    1. I definitely will be! :) I don't know how regular of a thing it'll be yet, since there were only a few submissions this time around, but it'll for sure be returning. I'm thinking maybe once per month, or every couple of months.. We'll see!

  2. Wow! This is amazing. I love this kind of thing where you are not aware of anyone else's idea but you get creative in your own way and at the end, it becomes a masterpiece :D

    I would love to see more of this!

    1. Yes! Isn't that fun? :) It's interesting to see what comes out at the end.

      Yay! Good to know. It's a nice, quick and simple way to participate and write something. I will surely be doing more of these, hopefully not too far in the future!

  3. Hey this was pretty good! I love how it came out! This was such an enjoyable thing and I hope you keep doing things like this!


    1. I'm glad, Kanra! :) Yes, this was very enjoyable. And it's not a huge commitment, so that's always nice for those who want to submit something but can rarely find the time or energy to sit down and write up an entire piece!

      I'm definitely going to try and put more out like this! Thanks for sending in your line! <3


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