Poem: "Beyond the Ordered Bend"

Beyond the Ordered Bend
By: Eve Estelle

Red as the world's sanguine flow,
Orange as autumn's harvest leaves;
Yellow like the sprightly sun, and
Green as grass in woven dreams;
Blue as glass 'pon the mirrored seas,
Indigo like the vast, stellar night,
Violet as day's noble end,

White as all pure, perfect light;
Gray like sterling, prized silver's blend,
Black as ink, the story penned --
Look beyond the seventh bend!

Author's note:

This poem has a counterpart! Both work as stand-alone pieces, but for a darker side to this rainbow, see "Beyond the Chaos Bend."

I love the counterpart nature to William Blake's well-known poems "Infant Joy" and "Infant Sorrow" -- how they show the same event through opposing perspectives, how they complement one another, yet each stands on its own.

That was sort of the idea here, although there's no single, specific event covered; rather, a concept (a rainbow's seven colors, etc.), with a bunch of assorted ideas, concepts, emotions, objects to represent, convey an overall positive tone (with hints toward neutral/negative). These are essentially random, but nearly all are worded in such a way that their better sides, or perhaps idealized versions, are seen.

[Neither of these were intended to be masterpieces, just fun experiments. They're quite messy, and personally I think "Dreadbitten" / "Flight of Fortune" execute the opposing counterpart ideas much better, and cleaner. Nonetheless, I'm excited to have these finished!]


  1. I love how your pictures always match your poems and that's just amazing because it does add in a lot to it. It is like in the picture we can see the rainbow and other colors such as yellow and gray and yet all those colors are mentioned in your poem :D This is awesome!

    1. I spend a lot of time trying to find good, fitting pictures, because they sure do add so much to a piece of writing. I never want a poem (or story) to *need* the image accompanying it; I want the words to be able to stand on their own, but relevant images are a unique opportunity for further expression and understanding that should not be wasted!!

      That said, I didn't think it was gonna be so hard to find a fitting picture of a rainbow. :')

      Thank you, Heena!

  2. This poem is so nice! I especially love that you didn't leave out the colors not in the rainbow- white and black especially.
    And violet is my favorite (purple) so I'm kinda glad it's got such a beautiful description (no hate @ the other colors, but you know how it is with favorite things P:)
    Kanra Khan

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    1. Thank you! :D Yeah, I definitely wanted to include more than just those famous seven, but I wasn't sure how far to go.. So hopefully I got enough in there, and people are able to use their imagination for other shades, colors, etc. lol.

      Ahh! :D Oh yes, haha. Violet is a beautiful color. It was a hard one to match something (something not extremely cliche, anyway) with -- I'm sort of regretting the clicheness of some others, especially yellow. Still, it works well enough.


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