Poem: "Beyond the Chaos Bend"

Beyond the Chaos Bend
By: Eve Estelle

Red as the world's ichor spilled,
Orange as autumn's bare decay;
Yellow like the wan, withered ill,
Green as ours 'neath lucre's sway;
Blue as every thought and theory,
Indigo like the dreaming soul,
Violet as mad murmurs lend,

White as Death's cold, hollow toll;
Gray as doubt, in-bedlam's trend,
Black as silence, at story's end --
Look beyond the seventh bend!

Author's note: 

This poem has a counterpart! Both work as stand-alone pieces, but for a brighter side to this rainbow, see "Beyond the Ordered Bend."

I love the counterpart nature to William Blake's well-known poems "Infant Joy" and "Infant Sorrow" -- how they show the same event through opposing perspectives, how they complement one another, yet each stands on its own.

That was sort of the idea here, although there's no single, specific event covered; rather, a concept (a rainbow's seven colors, etc.), with a bunch of assorted ideas, concepts, emotions, objects to represent, convey an overall negative or chaotic tone (with hints toward neutral/positive). These are essentially random, but nearly all are worded in such a way that some of their worst sides, or chaotic tendencies, are seen.

[Neither of these were intended to be masterpieces, just fun experiments. They're quite messy, and personally I think "Dreadbitten" / "Flight of Fortune" execute the opposing counterpart ideas much better, and cleaner. Nonetheless, I'm excited to have these finished!]


  1. Ommmg.I love this! It is amazing how the picture is dark and yet we can see the rainbow and that picture represents perfectly the poem. So beautiful ♥

    1. That picture was such an awesome find -- itself a great counterpart to the photo in the other poem! The colors and shading are just gorgeous.

      Thank you! :)

  2. Terrific, especially when read alongside its companion piece! Colour coordinated, you might say ...

    1. Ahaha, I see what you did there... Thanks much, Dave! :)

  3. That's so amazing, how you made both a dark & light version! ^.^ Not sure if I can pick a fave! You also have this awesome ability of choosing the most perfect pictures to go with your poems.<3

    Currently catching up on all the poems you've wrote this year, so excuse me if I spam you w/ comments. XD Also, I've changed my blog name for the millionth time, so just leaving it here in case you wanted to check it out. :P (cheerfulsword.wordpress.com)

    1. I really liked the idea of two opposing versions! I've wanted to do that for a long time. Super fun... You should try it, I bet you could whip up a wonderful pair of poems, or stories, or comics, or a song. Haha! Well, thank you! It makes me super happy that people seem to like 'em. It's great when you find a good picture.

      Oh, you are totally excused. :D You could never leave too many comments! Ah yes, I remember that name change! Thanks for the link, though, I've been meaning to visit again for forever.


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