Poem: "Path of the Lost"

CC image by paulmcdee via Flickr

Path of the Lost
By: Eve Estelle

Have you ever felt lost?
As if there were no where to go..
..Perhaps it's all too much; so many roads uncrossed.
It's an inevitable feeling, but upon yourself
You wish guidance would bestow.

You walk along this empty street,
Under a sky of gray and pouring rain;
The fog is thick, and your heart is weary,
And on this road you search in vain.

You feel alone,
You feel despair;
Why can't life for once be fair?
You've tried and tried, to no avail,
Is there no way out of this blinding veil?


  1. That was a very Nice piece! I can releate to what its saying. Thank you for writing it.
    I just nominated you for an award! Hope it brighten your day! http://sweetasarose.weebly.com/

    1. Thank you for reading. :) And for the award! I will get that posted as soon as I get the chance.


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