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Edit (5/23/2017): Changed some things. :)

A hearty hello to my visitors here, and a major welcome to Edge of Night!

You'll find here plenty of poems, short stories, and other fun little things that I felt like posting. The topics I write about are not specific - nor are the styles or genres. I like to experiment with a little bit of everything. Some are personal, most aren't. You'll find a lot of crap, and you'll notice that I continue to work on pieces long after I post them. Nothing's ever truly finished in the writing world, so think of everything here as in the draft stage.

I've received some very helpful feedback from my readers over these last few years, and I truly appreciate that. I take criticism in stride, and one of my goals here is and has always been to improve my writing abilities. I can't do that if I don't know what's wrong in the first place, and I am bound to miss things after staring at the same string of words for hours on end. This means that I view your comments as invaluable.

With that said, we all have different tastes and opinions. It would be impossible for me to incorporate every suggested revision, every proposed idea, and maintain my own vision. However, I will always listen. I may or may not act on your suggestions, depending on how I feel they fit with the piece and what I personally want out of it - but don't let my inaction discourage you from sharing your ideas with me, because I want to hear them, and I do give consideration to each. Writers are picky folk, and sometimes I stick stubbornly to my own lines. I ask that you not take this to heart, that you understand that I'm not ignoring your comments; I hear them, and please don't hesitate if you have any feedback of your own, be it positive or negative.

To my fellow writers-in-progress, don't give up! Keep at it. To anyone wanting to write but afraid to start, jump in! Just go for it. Sometimes you just have to dive right in.You're always learning as a writer, and I've found there's no better way to improve yourself than to just start writing. Embrace experimentation, use criticism to your advantage, and write, write, write! You'll find your style, your place. You're bound only by the limits of your own imagination. Time to see where it takes you.


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