Welcome to Edge of Night

Edit (7/31/2015): Rewrote the entire post to reflect my blog's design changes.

A hearty hello to my visitors here, and a major welcome to Edge of Night, my haven for writing.

You'll find here plenty of poems, short stories, and other fun little things that I felt like posting. The topics I write about are not specific - nor are the styles or genres. I like to experiment with a little bit of everything. Some are personal, most aren't.

I've received some very helpful feedback from my readers and I truly appreciate that. I take criticism in stride, and one of my goals here is and has always been to improve my writing. I can't do that if I don't know what's wrong in the first place! Please don't hesitate if you have any feedback of your own, be it positive or negative.

For any other writers out there, keep it up. If you enjoy it, keep doing it. It's not easy to share your work with others—it's very personal stuff. Just remember that art, and thus writing, is subjective; some will like it, and some will not. Be proud of what you create—that's what makes it art.

As I like to say,

When it comes to writing, you're bound by nothing. No style is ever wrong; only different.

Au revoir,


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