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Featured Website Contest: February's Winner

It's time for a new site to be displayed! Featured Website Contest entries have been accepted since January 13th of 2014. Today, all of them were gathered and entered into the generator Random-ize, where one lucky website will be selected as our next winner.

Ashley of Hyper Ashley was our previous winner. Who's next?

First-timer? Here's a brief rundown: One contest entry was randomly selected after adding them all into the generator. Those of you who wanted an extra chance to win were able to "Like" Edge of Night on Facebook to have your name entered twice into the generator. The name who is drawn here will have their website displayed on a dedicated page for one month, or until March 13th. 

And now, without further ado...

Everything is Blogsome is our February winner!

Congrats, Christine! You can head on over to this page to see your website and the information you provided. If you'd like certain information added or removed, please let me know. From Feb. 13 and until March 13, the content of the page is yours to personalize!

Didn't win this time? No worries! Entries for March are now being accepted. Feel free to sign up for another chance—even if you've won previously.

If you plan on entering multiple months, I recommend writing down your information somewhere—that way you have it handy when you create your entry each time. Certainly not required, but it might be less of a hassle for you!

*Also, I've been thinking about trying out a new contest of sorts (it may or may not be a contest like this; I haven't figured out the details yet). How interested would you be in a writing "contest"?

It would likely be something simple. Maybe a featured poem or other written work instead of a featured website. It would, at least in the beginning, replace this current FWC contest.

I'd love to hear any thoughts on this—and any suggestions, if you have them. What would you like to see in a writing contest/event?


  1. Woah this is so cool I entered my blog for next month :D
    Writing contest sound cool not much of a writer myself but would love to read other people's entries :D

    1. Woot! Thanks for your interest, and I wish you luck on that ^^ I think something involving writing would be a better fit here, considering this is a writing blog. I definitely agree it would be great to see what people come up with! I'll think more on what I could do with it. Might be a while until I actually have the time to put something out there, but it'll happen eventually. ;)

  2. I didn't even see this! Thanks SO much! :D :D

    1. You're so welcome. Christine! Thank you for entering. Please do let me know if there is anything you'd like changed on the feature page, and congrats again! :)

    2. I just realized I made a mistake; I said I live with my six siblings, when in reality, I only live with four of my siblings and the other two are married with families of their own. Can I get this fixed? :)

    3. Certainly. :) It's been fixed for you; please take a look to make sure that the way I added the information in there sounds good to you!

    4. I looked but forgot where I had left my comment. (For some reason, I don't tend to get notified when you respond to my comments on here. Not sure why. ) It looks good! Thanks. :)

    5. Hm.. wonder why it's not notifying you. Weird. You're checking the little box in the bottom corner, right? But anyway, no problem at all! :)

  3. I know what it is....it's not giving me the option of checking the box as I usually do. :P

    1. Oh. Wow. I never realized that that box wasn't even there!! lol. That's kind of a bummer, I always thought people had the option to be notified when they get a response. Oh well..

    2. Yeah, that's too bad. I wonder why it did that.


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