Join Me For A Q&A On Sept. 5!

Note: The Q&A has ended. Click here to view the recap!

Have some questions? I don't care what they are - maybe you're curious about something related to writing, be it my writing or just the craft in general, or maybe you have a question related to blogging. Maybe you just have a random question or two with no relation at all to either of these things!

No matter how small your questions are, how useless you think they are, how unusual they are, I want to hear them.

With that said, I would love to have you join me for a live Twitter Q&A session on Saturday, September 5th at 10:00 PM (ET). You can ask questions with the hashtag #AskEve. Make sure to tweet to @eve_edgeofnight so I know who you're talking to!

Not able to make it to the Twitter Q&A? No worries. More details are below, including alternative ways for you to submit questions. 

Twitter Q&A Session

  • The Twitter Q&A will last for around one hour (10:00 -11:00 PM ET).
  • Ask questions using the hashtag #AskEve and the mention @eve_edgeofnight.
  • Everyone is encouraged to participate!

If you're not able to make it to the live session but still want to use Twitter, or you just want to send in your question early, tweet me any time before the Q&A and I'll save it for when we're live!

Submit Questions For My Blog Post Recap

Don't have Twitter, don't feel like using it, or just want to remain anonymous? No problem at all! You can also submit your questions via the form below.

Just type in your question, provide your name (optional, or can also be a nickname), and on or shortly after the 5th of September I will collect all questions and include them in a Q&A Recap post along with a recap of the Twitter session.

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  1. I'm excited!
    I asked you a question:))

    1. Yay! Got it. Thank you Arushee! I'm excited to answer. :)


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