Poem: "The Blooming Hour"

Image by domwlive via Flickr (CC)

The Blooming Hour
By: Eve Estelle

Effloresce will thy flower
Not merely 'cause it's May -
Nay, we know our own hour,
And shall sleep till our day;
Call us not before the sun
Glitters upon our blades;
Let the rains draw us forth,
Our volition pave the way.

Author's note: Yes, this is unnecessarily flowery - but I can't help it! It's fun playing with all that old-style, elevated language that poetry is known for. Besides, if you've read anything else from me, I'm sure you've come to expect this kind of thing. I should also note, though, that this is another one I will likely be revising down the road.


  1. This is pretty anf flowery! :D I like it. ^-^

    1. Flowery in every sense of the word! lol :D It's just so much fun writing things like that!

    2. Haha, yeah! ^_^
      Oh yes, definitely. :D


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