Poem: "Asleep By Nature"

Asleep By Nature
By: Eve Estelle

Veritas liberabit vos.
[The truth shall set you free.]

Secrets [li]e in a [f]ibber's [t]ale,
Shadows gather where darkness breeds;
Elusive day shines not for those
At ease beneath [the wool].

Define [_ _ _ _ _].

It is easier to [fo]llow than to lead;
Ha[r]der to argue than agree;
And simpler to pretend.

Path of least resistan[ce].

Author's note:

Hello, hello! It's about time. I think I'm starting to get back in the groove a bit, now. At least enough to make some (much needed) progress on things. I just started working, so not having to job search for the moment is a nice weight taken off.

This poem is possibly going to be the first in a series... Kind of like the prologue, or just a Part 1. I'm not sure yet... And because of that, I probably shouldn't have posted this yet lol. But I may post them all separately, like how October Orchards was done, or I may (re)post them all as one poem. or leave this separate, as a prologue, and combine the others... I don't know. We'll see!

But this is all for the time being. I'll be working on the rest or on other posts for a while.

Happy 4th of July! [Few minutes late, and it's now the 5th lol.]

P.S. Trying out some new things here. Much of this poem is either intended to require a bit of digging to better understand, or parts are also really only intended for myself to understand -- if others get it, though, fantastic. :) For everyone who celebrates the 4th, hope you enjoyed the holiday!


  1. I keep reading this over & over trying to crack the hidden message! XD This is really creative; the way it's written is so intriguing, and I love how you're using brackets to reveal a message too! ^.^
    "Lift the wool _____ force"? I'm totally doing this wrong. *cries for eternity*

    ANYWAYS, if this does end up being the 1st in a series, I'll definitely be looking forward to see how this poem connects with the others! ^o^

    1. :D Hahaha! The brackets were a new thing for me, and they were really quite fun (and useful -- easier, and like you said, bit more creative, than typical acrostic methods!). I think I'll be using them often.

      Very good!! lol. You found what the brackets spell out. Now, I'll give you a hint:

      - Hangman. What word are you being told to "define"? (What belongs in the empty spaces, what fits? Note the location of this line and what follows it.)

      - What does it take to disrupt momentum or to set something in motion (from a state of rest)?

      - What does this imply/how does it relate to the poem as a whole (including title)?

      I'm definitely planning on making it a short series -- we'll see what comes of it. I'm excited to see how it goes myself!

      Thank you, Quayla!! :D Also, thank you for the note you left in my Guest Book! Hard to believe it's been 3 years! But I'm very, very glad it has. It's been a pleasure getting to know you and writing alongside you. :)

  2. Wow. I really, really love this. I like the brackets and what the poem is doing here and how layered it is. Just amazing!

    1. Thank you, a.n.g! :D The brackets were a really fun, new thing for me to try out, and layered meanings always make for a much more... well, meaningful piece lol. I hope to make more progress on the other parts to this, and soon!

      Thank you again! <3


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