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Poem: "The Dark Reaches"

The Dark Reaches
By: Eve Estelle

Hear me...

...I am the whistle in the wind,
The footfalls behind you;
I am the bones that rattle
Behind dusty doors,
I am the whispers in your ear;
I am your Fear.

Feel me...

...I am the silent witness,
The chronic itch;
I am the shiver run up your spine,
The creep of sensation --
My vocation,
As the eyes upon your back;

See me...

...I am the darkness;
The shadows in your peripheral;
I am the truth behind the lie,
A stranger under the rose,
Its familiar keeper;

Name me.

I am the dividing line at sanity's edge,
I thrive in the mind's hidden reaches;
I am the guttural scream from within,
And out,
I am the wicked wave of doubt;
Lucid death.

Behold, Nightmare.

Author's note: Two poems in less than two weeks? Houston, we require a new fire to be lit down in Hell -- I think it may have frozen over.

*chuckles* How are all of ya? This was a poem that was actually originally written for Vani's digital magazine, The Pearls of Catharsis Times, quite a while ago. Howeverrrr, with the closure of Google+, the magazine's future is a bit uncertain, and Vani has given me permission to go ahead and post it. It's been revised from the one I sent her -- whether or not that means "better." though, is still TBD. 😉

Happy Spring.


  1. Gosh, I FEEL this one. The use of words here to create expression really come through. Incredibly done!

    Hope you've been well, Eve! ^.^ It's been a while. XD

    1. Aw, thank you, Quayla! I think all of us, at some point in our roller coaster lives, understand this by experience -- makes it all the more "feelable" lol.

      I have, thank you! <3 I hope you've also been doing alright; I know I've got an assload of your posts in my inbox that I've been meaning to comment on... I'll make it 'round your way soon, I promise! xD Best wishes to you.

  2. okay, this poem was beautifully dark and omw. I could feel the haunted vibes and shadows rolling of your poem.. it was so visual. it's wonderful :-)

    -- vaishnavi @ written in stars

    1. Thank you so much, Vaishnavi! Back to basics for me, with this one -- built my blog on such deliciously dark themes (particularly of the Poe-ish nature). I'm glad you liked it! :D


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