Poem: "Fallen"

By: Eve Estelle

Cast out of paradise,
Fallen from grace;
Plucked from the skies,
And chained to this place.
I fend for myself,
And I walk in shame,
In eternal sorrow and in endless pain;
I shy away from mortal eyes,
And for a moment of folly,
My innocence dies.

I'm not a demon, no agent of evil;
I believed the lies, and took the fall;
Believed in you,
And lost it all.

For freedom I yearn,
The pain I'd unlearn,
But alas I'm still bound
In chains of cold iron.


  1. You know if someone ever makes a movie or show from Lucifer's POV (I think they are doing that :P) they can use these amazing lines of yours :D (Sorry if that wasn't cool I'm not that religious and have a very faint idea of Christianity so sorry if that offends you) :D
    Amazing work :)

    1. No worries lol! You're fine. I'm not very religious either. Call myself Christian, and choose to believe in some of the main ideas, but my family has never been deeply religious.

      That should be interesting - it seems like that kind of thing has become very popular lately. Telling the story from the side considered evil and making them more relatable. Thank you so very much for your kind words, Neal! ^^

  2. How do you manage to write something always so beautiful and amazing?
    Great post! :D

    1. Because of wonderful comments like yours! ;) Thank you so much, Kathie!

  3. I don't believe in anything, that's why freedom is always in my own hands. Easier said than done though.



    1. Very true! Not a bad way to be, though. Religion isn't the right thing for everyone. I personally prefer the balance of using your beliefs to make yourself a better person, but without it.. consuming your life. I find no harm in believing in something, but I just can't see myself committing to a strict lifestyle - a lifestyle that, while in your belief system sends you somewhere nice, other religions will say send you to hell.

      I suppose that's the power of faith, though. I respect anyone who has it in them to do that.

  4. oh this is outstanding Eve,i love it and relate to it in places.amazing.


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