Blog of Excellence Award

Nominated by Bella

I was nominated by the lovely Bella of bellas bright bookshelf for an award that is brand-new to the blogosphere: the Blog of Excellence Award. Bella got inspired to create her own award after coming across my Blogger Recognition Award post, and I think that's just awesome! There are plenty of these little things out there, but I still stick to the opinion that there can't be too many!

Alrighty, so here are the rules for Bella's award. You can also find the originals right here.


  • Nominate 5 other blogs (no nominating yourself!)
  • Contact each nominee and let them know that they have been nominated.
  • Write a post for this award. Include why you started your blog, and how long you've had it. Also provide a link to the original rules on Bella's blog.
  • Make sure the blog you've nominated is up-to-date.
  • Spread the love. All bloggers love it when they know someone appreciates their blog!

I started my blog because...

I absolutely loved the little time that I had spent blogging previously (due to the research-heavy topics I had picked, I wore myself out after just a few months and stopped blogging for a while). I loved interacting with the blogging community, I loved the freedom.

When I returned to blogging, I decided on something that I've always enjoyed as a minor hobby and that was much less strict. I wanted a place where I could write freely, anything that came to mind, and I wanted a place other than Microsoft Word to store my writings (they were only gathering dust there; I would eventually just toss them!).

I've always felt awkward showing the people close to me my work, and so I also wanted it to be a place that I could be myself and yet remain fairly anonymous. Thus Edge of Night was born. I've now had it for around 9 months (since October 8, 2014)!


Kathie @ A Sea Change

Adelaide @ Down By The Willows

Kelsey @ Empty Boxes

Uma @ LIFE

Thanks again, Bella; I'm so glad my post was able to inspire you. :) You can see your award displayed on my Awards & Nominations page!


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