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Nightfall (Poetry Collection)

Current cover

Last Updated: May 25, 2022

The Basic Details:

The What (Description): Nightfall is to be a collection of assorted poetry written over a specific period of time (or possibly organized by theme, tone, etc.). As it's still in the planning stages, little is set in stone.

> Current plans are to have it serve as a sort of "relic" collection. As I will be changing things up here soon, this book will contain every poem I have written since starting this blog under the pen name Eve Estelle. It will, in time, be the only place to obtain certain pieces.

The Who (Author): Authored by yours truly.

The Where & How (Publication Plan, Format): The realm of e-books! We'll have to see if it goes any farther than that. ☺ While my current plan is to publish independently via Smashwords, Amazon, I may go the simpler route of adding a link somewhere on my blog to directly download a PDF version of the book.

The When (Release Date): TBD.

How Much (Price)? The goal is for this book to be 100% free. Some places don't allow permanently free listings (such as Amazon), and so there may be a price tag attached on those specific websites -- whatever their minimum requirement is. If I decide to simply add the downloadable link, it will be free.

> I may add a price in the future. But it is going to include poems that are much older and that I'm not particularly proud of. Pieces that I don't really consider worthy of selling. It could also be used as an introduction book to my work. So who knows! It would be amazing to eventually make something out of all this, but it was never the goal.


Current Status:

Back In Progress / Exploring Options

Things are going to be changing around here, and that means Nightfall has new life being breathed into it. However, that also means my plans are changing a bit from their originals. The end product will likely be posted here on EoN for a while, but it will eventually reside in a new home, serving as a collection of all my previous works.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!



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