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Note: This page is being reorganized! Jump links and proper categorization not yet completed, and more prose/verse combination posts are to be added, but are not [all] currently listed here.

This page is sort of like my "junk drawer," 'cause having one of those is just a necessary thing in life. Pieces that don't easily fit into any other category are placed here, as are tips/tricks/advice posts, off-topic posts, and posts that include both prose and verse alongside one another.


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Misc. Posts
(Non-serial off-topic, one-offs, etc.)

Tips, Tricks, Advice

Verse & Prose Combo Posts

Misc. Collaborations


Misc. Posts

✦ Get Creative, Be Inspired!

✦ Reader Collab: A Collection of Outside Poetry & Prose

To All Aspiring Writers Still In School

✦ Five Ways I've Found to Get Around Writer's Block

Quick Tricks: Working With Syllables in Poetry

Confessions of a Reader: A Collaboration With Aneesa (Book Lover)

From Words to Music, Writer to Musician: Resources for Learning How to Play & Compose

Poetic Pictures

✦ Poetic Pictures: December 2014

 Poetic Pictures: January 2015

 Poetic Pictures: February 2015

 Poetic Pictures: National Poetry Month Edition (April 2015)

 Poetic Pictures: April 2015 #2

 Poetic Pictures: May 2015

 Poetic Pictures: July 2015

 Poetic Pictures: September 2015

 Poetic Pictures: January 2016

Midget Monday

✦ Midget Monday #1

 Midget Monday #2

✦ Midget Monday #3

 Midget Monday #4

 Midget Monday #5

 Midget Monday #6

 Midget Monday #7

Tips From a Newbie

 Tips From a Newbie (#1: Perfecting Your Posts)

 Tips From a Newbie (#2: Managing Your Blog)

 Tips From a Newbie (#3: Your Sphere)

 Tips From a Newbie (#4: The Pretty Little Details)

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