Poem: "Token Blue"

CC image by Roland Fortier via Flickr

Token Blue
By: Eve Estelle

Six months have passed

Since I saw you last,

And not an hour goes by

That I don't mourn.

Now as the skies shine

Upon my natal day,

A gift you've left me,

In my yard, upon the ground -

You greet me through the jays,

And a feather's what I've found -

As if to say

That you're still with me, still here,

Still watching over me

This milestone year.


  1. Great blog!
    Would you like to support each other by following each other´s blog? ^_^

    Et Omnia Vanitas

  2. Awwww! You just never run out of these do you? ^_______^

    1. Oh yes, and then I race to find something to post lol. Thank you :)

  3. Oooo, I like it. :) Cute poem.

  4. oh so beautiful...touched my heart this one...somethings might look like nothing to others but they become treasure to us.love this too Eve.

    1. That's so right! This is a personal one - as the first few lines imply, my father seems to like saying hello through the blue jays that come around every so often. I rarely ever find bird feathers, not to mention one from a blue jay, but I couldn't help but love it when I found exactly one of those in my yard. And on my birthday, too. :)


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