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Below you'll find nearly every piece of verse that I've written to-date. This includes general poetry, special poems/other forms of verse, any poetic collaborations, etc. This, however, does not include verse/prose combined posts (see "A Note On...").

Let me know if you have any favorites, and even what your least favorites are, too!


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General Poems:

✧✦ "A Letter to Heaven"

✧✦ "Atypical"

✧✦ "Astronomical"

✧✦ "Allure"

✧✦ "A Gift Given"

✧✦ "A Different Father's Day"

✧✦ "A New Chapter"

✧✦ "All Hallows' Eve"

✧✦ "Apparition"

✧✦ "Alias"

✧✦ "A Gift of Lilacs"

✧✦ "A Toast To This New Year"

✧✦ "At the Root of Nightmares"

✧✦ "Asleep By Nature"

✧✦ "As the Stars Become My Fountain"

✧✦ "At Song's End" (Part I, "Ad Meliora")

✧✦ "A Star on Fire" (Part III, "Ad Meliora")

✧✦ "Born From Ashes"

✧✦ "Black Moon"

✧✦ "Beyond the Ordered Bend"

✧✦ "Beyond the Chaos Bend"

✧✦ "Calm Among the Storm"

✧✦ "Carvings in the Trees"

✧✦ "Chimera"

✧✦ "Creaky Freaky" (Lullaby)

✧✦ "Dark Heart"

✧✦ "Dawning Day"

✧✦ "Dandelion"

✧✦ "Death's Whistle"

✧✦ "Dear Father Mine" (English Sonnet)

✧✦ "Dark Tide"

✧✦ "Dreadbitten"

✧✦ "Enchanted Woods"

✧✦ "Fallen"

✧✦ "Faraway"

✧✦ "Fields of Fallen Memories"

✧✦ "Foolish Fire"

✧✦ "Faeries of the Orchard" (Part II, October Orchards)

✧✦ "Flight of Fortune"

✧✦ "Fire Starter"

✧✦ "Forged In Blood"

✧✦ "Gleam of December"

✧✦ "Goodwill Waning"

✧✦ "Human Spirit"

✧✦ "Had I Known"

✧✦ "Holy Wintertide"

✧✦ "Inked Magic"

✧✦ "Into the Mist"

✧✦ "In a Year's Time"

✧✦ "Incanter's Library"

✧✦ "It's Not How We Fall"

✧✦ "Jay in Winter" (Haiku)

(None yet!)

✧✦ "Liar's Burden"

✧✦ "Labyrinth"

✧✦ "Listen"

✧✦ "Law of the Jungle"

✧✦ "Message in a Bottle"

✧✦ "Moonlit Shore"

✧✦ "Masquerade"

✧✦ "Mockingbird Red"

✧✦ "Memory Lane"

✧✦ "Mirrors and Echoes"

✧✦ "Noises in the Dark"

✧✦ "No Time to Live"

✧✦ "Nightmare Bell"

✧✦ "Nightsong Serenade"

✧✦ "Northern Dawn"

✧✦ "On The Wings of Freedom"

✧✦ "On Wings of White"

✧✦ "Path of the Lost"

✧✦ "Phrase of the Day" (Acrostic)

✧✦ "Party Like It's 2015"

✧✦ "Paradise Blue"

(None yet!)

✧✦ "Reminiscence"

✧✦ "Remembrance"

✧✦ "Reminders of Ruin"

✧✦ "Rising Guard" (Part I, October Orchards)

✧✦ "Ring Hollow"

✧✦ "Song of the Horseman"

✧✦ "Swept Away"

✧✦ "Stay With Me"

✧✦ "Shattered"

✧✦ "Simple Acts of Kindness"

✧✦ "Small Thing"

✧✦ "Someday a Memory"

✧✦ "Sterling to Sterling"

✧✦ "Smell the Roses" (Acrostic)

✧✦ "Shuttered Dichotomy"

✧✦ "Song of Sugar Plums"

✧✦ "Still I Dream of Thee"

✧✦ "Time"

✧✦ "The Lonely Wanderer"

✧✦ "The World Through Another's Eyes"

✧✦ "Thorns of a Rose"

✧✦ "The Wishing Tree"

✧✦ "The Sapphire Letter"

✧✦ "The Thunderbird's Shadow"

✧✦ "Tears of Awakening"

✧✦ "The Revelers of Mischief"

✧✦ "The Game of Fate"

✧✦ "Troika"

✧✦ "Token Blue"

✧✦ "The Infinity Chain"

✧✦ "The Autumn Muse"

✧✦ "Truce"

✧✦ "The High Road"

✧✦ "The Blooming Hour"

✧✦ "The Price of Cowardice"

✧✦ "The Hunt for Azure" (Part II, "Ad Meliora")

✧✦ "The Dark Reaches"

✧✦ "The Diamond in the Rough"

(None yet!)

✧✦ "Voyage of the Damned"

✧✦ "Visionary" (Acrostic)

✧✦ "Winter's Light"

✧✦ "Winds of Change"

✧✦ "Where the River Bends"

✧✦ "Window-sill Rain"

✧✦ "White Dove In Mourning"

(None yet!)

(None yet!)

✧✦ "Zephyr Blades"

Bilingual Poems:

Please note that most, if not all, of the below poems were intended as simple language practice; they're riddled with errors, many of which I'm not yet good enough to catch!

✧✦ "Coraz√≥n de Fuego / Heart of Fire" (Spanish & English)

✧✦ "Plata Perseverancia / Silver Perseverance" (Spanish & English)

Poem Collaborations:

✧✦ One-Liner Poem Collaboration: "Wailing World, Fallen Crimson" (Nov. 15, 2017 -- Nov. 29, 2017)

* A Note On Posts Containing Both Verse & Prose

In an attempt to keep this list as short as possible and avoid duplicate category placements, you can find verse items which also included prose pieces alongside them in the Miscellaneous (Misc) section!


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    1. I try to keep it that way! This kind of layout works great for my poems, but still figuring out the best way to organize my stories and miscellaneous things..

  2. For that you could add drop down buttons and use labels. I use labels and categorise it around stories, prose and poems.
    I don't know how drop down buttons are made though...xD

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      They might work just fine for you, however, so let me know if you'd like me to fetch you some links to the codes!

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    3. Yeah exactly. I am so picky when it comes to templates, though - I spent months digging through various websites for pre-mades before finally deciding on an actual custom design (my current one), and not one felt right. I'd rather stick with what I have and be without dropdown menus.. least for now. lol. Ah that's right, I didn't even think about mobile device compatibility.

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  3. Same here... I am also very picky! I just used a simple template and I designed it from scratch with basic HTML and CSS knowledge. Lmao.
    Thanks a lot for sharing those with me...:D <3 Have been searching for a good back to top button for quite a while now. ^_^

    1. Oh wow! Really? You did a great job lol! I really like the color scheme you've got going on; it feels very fitting. I know zilch about coding lol. I can make a link and that's about it.

      You're welcome! Hope they're helpful! :)


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